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  1. ok i have a kawasaki zzr 250. lately the lights have been flickering all the time and just today i pulled over to check my headset and when i went to start it again and i had barley any charge so it wouldn't start.
    im only an apprentice and i need this bike for work!

  2. Sounds a bit like a bad earth somewhere.
    If it has shorted and the battery was a bit sad. It will be farked now.
    You could try fresh filtered water in it and a trickle charge. It might come good. It might not. usually when the old batteries go dead they are dead.
    Trouble is you have to find that bad earth.... if it has one. Only a thought.
    A new battery wont last long if the fault is still there.
  3. Search will reveal all and posting to the correct forum will achieve even more (moved to correct forum)
    ie it's either a battery or the charging system, either way it gotta get fixed.
  4. gday mate, how u doin
  5. How do you know?
  6. because i'm a apprentice auto electrician.
    i have a multimeter.
  7. Good stuff. So once you get it started what's the voltage across the terminals? When you rev it? When it's stopped?
  8. Sounds like the guys have you sorted with help: from my experience I agree that it sounds like a dead battery but an underlying problem. With your skills you should be able to chase down a short.

    Just one more posting hint: an informative title about the kind of problem is more likely to get you relevant help than a generic 'help' heading.
  9. Ask the guys at work. they are likely to know more than us
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