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Help! ZZR250 Clutch problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by V8cressida, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. :roll: :roll: UPDATE ! PROBLEM FIXED :roll: :roll:

    Read below for the problem I had......This is the fix. (shoot the idiot working on the bike = me :? :shock: )
    The outer case of the clutch basket can only go around 1 way. There are some teeth that line up on the outside of the case to the inside of the clutch assembly. If you don't line them up e.g 90 degrees out then the clutch basket just spins and will NEVER work DOH!.

    Although due to the lack of wear of the original friction plates I would say that the cl;utch springs could do with replacing.

    hope this may help some other newbie to bike clutches in the future.

    Hello everyone.

    I am having bad slipping probs from the new clutch I have just installed !!!!!. Slipping so bad that you can stop rear tyre with your foot when in gear!!!!

    I replaced the 5 friction plates and 4 steel plates. I put them back in exactly as the old ones were taken out. I even noted which way the grooves in the plates were facing. Also on the steel plates you can tell that one side has a slightly rounded over edge - so I even oriented the new steel plates the same as the ones taken out.

    I know how to adjust the cable correctly, I even disconnected the cable completely ( therefore clutch should be fully engaged at all times yes ?)

    Anyway....... this background may help diagnosis.....

    The old clutch plates had some wear but the grooves were easily seen and I estimate they had 1/2 as much thickness compared to the new ones.

    Why I changed the clutch - The problem first started when engine was hot, if you stopped somewhere for 5 - 10 mins. If you took of a bit to hard it would slip in 2nd and 3rd. If you backed the revs off it would gather up again.......

    This I put up with for ages I played with the cable to get it as best as I could.
    Recently it has started slipping in all gears after 8-9000 rpm. The other day I was passing someone in 5th at 110kph and had to back off to 100 to let the clutch grip.

    So that is where I am at......basically much worse than it was.

    How much do the plates wear down to ?

    I did a search on here and found someone was having trouble launching hard without slippage and washers were mentioned on the springs.

    Are the clutch springs stuffed. Measured at a bit under 32mm (guessing 31.8 -31.9) manual says should be 32.6 and that the service limit is 31.7 mm.

    The only thing I thought I did was put the pushrod on the wrong side of the pressure plate.......If i had I would not have to apply any pressure on the clutch lever.....but there is pressure needed.....

    Also..... When re installing I oiled up all the plates (friction and steel), in hindsight the manual only points to the steel plates for oiling.....but as it is a wet clutch and the oil from the steel plates will transfer to the friction ones it should make no diff.

    Sorry for the long post but I didn't want to waste anyone's time giving only part of the story.