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HELP -ZZR 250 Chain question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by robbie3786, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. So, i recently looked at my chain and to be hoenst im not the mechanical type of guy, well in other words im afraid to pull it apart, in case i don't put it back together correctly.

    Basically, the chains looks fairly loose, and i looked at my options and spoke to some people about it, the advised the following.....

    a) Adjust the chain tension. (Seem the most economic, but do i need a stand or how tdo i do it etc? i have a shop manual but... like.. im not confident enough.


    b) Get a new chain and sprocket and change the whole lot.

    recently got back from an oversea holiday, so i am poor hence not taking it to a bike shop to do...

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.. or better yet, if you want to take a look at the bike, im located in Mascot (Sydney NSW).

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  3. Adjust it! If you're desperate just come over my way and I can show you how in 2 minutes lol.
  4. Thanks, sorry i shuold've checked before =D so does that mean you reckon i should just adjust the chain rather than buying a new chain. Also if i buy a new chain, do i have to get a new sprocket?
  5. Yes definitely adjust the chain. Its just something that needs doing, you dont buy a new chain every time it gets loose :) If the wear marker is very close to the rear side of the bike then that means its quite worn. The closer the marker is to the front, the more life it has left. If you have to adjust it every week then thats a sign that your chain is very much on the way out (wears faster at the end of its life) or that you're wheelying too much.

    If it turns out that the chain is worn, replace the sprockets too if they are 'hooked' on the teeth.
  6. Cheers Phizog!!

    Got a mate helping me with it tonite who knows more than i do lol =D
  7. ok chain done!!

    Also got taught how to clean it and re-lubing !!

  8. Good to hear mate.

    You should lube it every 500 km's or so. I fill my take up every 250km's so i don't run out, so every second tank fill, i give her a lube. Takes 5 mins.

    I use bellray chain lube. Wouldn't reccomend anything else. Its awesome lube!