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Help! ZX2R suspension setup

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GForce, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. i weigh 75kgs and i want to know what is the best suspension setup for my zx2r. for all you people who weigh approx my weight and have a zx2r, plz give me the details of the adjustments.

  2. the site is ok but doesnt really help me but thanks aways.
    anyone else??
  3. Lets start with what the suspension is doing that doesn't suit you and makes you want to adjust it eg: diving too much under brakes or feels too stiff etc?
  4. the bike suspension feels abit soft for me. i jumped on my friends 600 and the bike was nice and stiff. i adjusted my rear suspension to No. 4 now which has made a big difference because the seat doesnt sink as much and i seem to find it easier to ride when its stiff.

    when i go around a corner and the road is uneven or had a crack that causes bumps, the bike feels bumpy and cant seem to control it as well as comparing it to a softer bike (CBR).

    i have no idea what to do about the fronts. should i leave them the way it is or could it be better if i adjusted it? i dont want to adjust it and then find out that the stock setting is best.

    does everyone leave the bike at its stock setting or do people like myself who are perfectioness, like to make the most out of things.
  5. ive tighten the front rebound by one click and it seems to be more easier to move around and it is more direct.
    last question is, i want to make my bike dip in more without trying as hard. what do i need to do for this? in other words, i want to go low without using too much force.

  6. There's a good bit in here that lets you know how compression and rebound damping feel on both front and back.

    http://www.gostar-racing.com/club/motorcycle_suspension_set-up.htm#Rear Preload

    The important thing I have found is setting up the pre-load first. Your damping is in relation to this, so setting your damping, then changing the pre-load stuffs everything up.

    The cable tie method is good. This gives you as much travel as you can and stops the bike getting too unsettled over bumps. I was suprised how little pre-load i ended up with, after doing this and how much better it felt.
  7. i used the cable tie method and it stops at roughly at 12mm before bottoming out. i think thats perfect.
    if i increased my rear suspension (load) coz i dont have a damper for the rear, would that affect my handling? stock standard is on 3 for 68kgs but im roughly 78kgs.
  8. With my bike I adjusted pretty much one thing at a time.
    Made an adjustment go out and ride. Trial and error.
    My bike probably isn't set up properly but it doesn't squat too much if i accelerate and doens't dive too much when I brake.
    I didnt know what does what and still don't but make small changes and see if you like it.
  9. ive adjusted the preload damper and rebound damper now. i couldnt really notice the difference when going slow but made a big diff now when in the twisties. more stable around the corner and get more feel of the bike.
  10. On my ZXR for street riding I had the front preload wound nearly all the way in. 2 lines showing.

    front compression - wind it all the way out then do 8 clicks clockwise

    front rebound wind all way out then 6 clicks clockwise

    rear preload was 7/7 and still too soft.

    you bike will never feel like you friends 600 unless you start changing springs and the like.

    i am 78kg also. the bike will handle very differently when you first do the changes but your riding style will adjust to cope and you find the bike is far more agile
  11. hey 7thsin, with your adjustments, did it make ur bike more too stiff?