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Help with wheelies, R1 04-06

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BKN, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, now first of all please dont flame, yes i want to perfect wheelies, but at the same time, gain control and understand my bike.

    I have had it for afew months now. I unexpectedly wheelie sometimes on first. But yet when i want to lift up, it doesnt.

    Can anyone here tell me exactly what revs and technique to get the front up on 1st? power only. And also with the clutch at a safe point.

    Being a 1000, i dont want to abuse it yet as im still getting use to it.

    I tried running it to 6k rpm, closing the throttle then opening it, struggles to lift. Much appreciated

  2. There's two types of wheelies, clutch up or power. I find on my blade in first about 7k it will power up quite easy. 2nd gear at 110kmh will clutch no probs.

    The biggest thing when learning is getting over the fear factor. You won't be getting on the throttle enough due to natural survival instincts. Don't be afraid to really twist the throttle but make sure you cover your rear brake.

    My internet is slow as the proverbial but there is a great youtube vid by one of the bike magazines that is very informative.
  3. Power up hard to 90-100 (lightens the front suspension)
    Hard off/Hard on (bounces the front suspension)
    Throttle control to catch it (stops you bouncing)

    If you flip it post pics ;)
  4. just turn the throttle right around and it will come up. then just cover the rear brake.

  5. :D:wink:(y)
  6. this should be the only thing in this thread.
  7. Just go to about 3/4 of the max revs back off sharply then snap it to the bump stop.
  8. 2nd gear up to about 5,500. Flick the clutch and gas it up. Snatch third and just keep using the throttle to stay up there. If it keeps coming back down your no where near the balance point.
    And a big definite for covering the rear brake. Don't take your feet off the pegs.
    Endo's are much kewler
  9. Not a lot of advice to give because I'm not good at this.

    ... You might consider getting some initial practice in this on a cheaper bike. R1s do wicked monos, but they're not exactly cheap to fix. For less than $1,000 you can pick up a clapped out trailbike, and if you destroy it, shrug - walk home...

    As you practice, try very hard to let the front down gently and progressively, because if you bash it down you will damage the steering head bearings.

    An R1 should power up in 1st real easy. Put body weight back against the seat-back, sit up straight, go to 3/4 revs in 1st, tweak, chop, nail it. Cover the rear brake. If it doesn't come up real easy like that, go talk to your mechanic, because it's not running right.

    I can do little (read tentative, read pussy, read toothless old man) monos around my local back-streets and shopping centres on a ZX14, which is longer, lower and heavier. Now they wouldn't make it onto anybody's stunt videos, even mine, but the point is that if a toothless old criple like me can do it on a longer heavier bike, you should be able to.
  10. Listen fellas, be very careful about you're saying in here. I teach people to wheelie.

    Every bike wheelies differently. Every bike needs to be treated differently or they'll punish you.

    It takes me 2-3 hours to train someone safely and there's a process to go through.

    My answer was specifically for an 04-06 R1. No other bike.

    Teaching people how to do this stuff over the net is a dumb idea at the best of times. Poor technique = prang
    There's no way to know if the rider has poor technique without watching them to correct it. I wish I hadn't said anything. The post pics thing was half tongue in cheek ;)
  11. What Chef said - yeah. Try it on a disposable bike first, because you are going to fall down a few times before you get good at it.
  12. I had someone doing wheelies the other week coming home from berowra waters and out to wisemans ... he kept popping wheelies all the way back. His girl on the back seemed to love it.... i did think at one point she was going to fall off... and i nearly ran into them when i came around a corner at speed, but they had backed right off so they could set up for a wheelie.

    I ride a thunderbird, so no chance for me getting the front wheel up. Personally I like the stoppies ( i think thats what people call them). Stop hard and get the back wheel up. either way, no chance for the thunder bird to do that. I just get a giggle when i see others do it, or my mate on his speed triple accidentally get the front wheel up.
  13. 2 up wheelies are heaps of fun. :D

  14. you mean like this ?

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    Yeah, I was thinking of that one, too.

    And this. (advice: Stop watching after the prang - the rest is just obnoxious american TV.)

  16. nope, i usually hang on. i still remember being on the back of my old mans 1200 bandit with the front wheel way in the air when i was like 8 or 9 haha. he was a bad influence on me. i had already been riding for 4 years then so i was doing them on my own bikes too.
  17. I get the front up for a bit of fun now and then, but i'm pretty crap at them so i usually save it for when no one's around :) less embarrassing! :)
  18. Step 1: Cover the rear brake.

    Step 2. Cover the rear brake.

    Step 3. Cover the rear brake.

    When you've got those steps down, you can start playing with the throttle.

    Seriously, if you feel like you've gone to far, (& you will!), a dab of the rear brake will bring the front back down nicely, rather than chopping the throttle.

    Having the rear covered should give you the confidence to keep the throttle open & ride the wheelie out, you can save a wheelie even after you've gone past balance point with the rear brake.

    Then you can work on getting to the balance point :)

    How much do you charge? I need some pointers...
  19. Why not?

    Can be done on an m50
  20. If your R1 won't come up on the throttle it is broken, take it to a mechanic.