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Help with tank scratches (pics included)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by bonkerrs, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. I've got these scratches on the tank that I want to buff out. The thing is that the tank is metallic black so I want to be really sure before proceeding. Can anyone please advice on ways of safely buffing out the scratches without leaving swirls.



    Oh and I've made a real mess of removing this sticker...


    Hope to hear back! Cheers
  2. Oh dear...
    Just take it to a shop mate. Any good car detailing shop should be able to help you out.
  3. Yeah it's shocking isn't it :cry:

    It does look worse in these pictures.
  4. heat up the sticker with a hair dryer or leave the bike in the sun and then peel it off, if it leaves sticky stuff you can use some polish to get rid of it or teatree oil or something.
  5. On a nice black finish like that please don't buy some off the shelf buffing compound.
    They will just create more swirls.
    The sticker will come off easy with a bit of heat. Yup for the sun or be very very careful and light with a hair dryer.
    For a buffing compound to get the swirls out there are a few products I recommend. But be warned they are about $100 minimum a liter. First would be Fareclla. Get the G3 in liquid form. Or Glym swirl remover.
    But as I say they are both very dear. But work very well and protect the paintwork as well as fix it.
    For that patch near the end of your seat I would be getting a tank pad or cutting a sheet of 3M clear. Like some book cover protector stuff. That would be your jacket rubbing there and they can get deep and nasty.
  6. auto glym from autobahn polish by hand take stickers off as soon as you get the bike can cause uneven fadeing....i like the thruxton
  7. Are the ones around the fuel cap caused by too many keys on your keyring?
  8. does the cap unscrew? could be from your gloves. they dont look too deep there will be a thck coat of clear over the paint
  9. BTW, little bit off topic, but what does that logo with the bowser mean? No E10 or?
  10. Will try hairdryer (carefully) for sticker today. Thanks.

    The fuel cap scratches were there already, bought the demo model with (700km). Probably from the dealership not being as careful as an owner. They are only light scratches. The scratches near the seat are deeper thought.

    Kernel - The sticker. Not sure about it. I will be using 95 or 98 as instructed by the dealership. Only filled it up once so far, used 98.
  11. It means "No Lead (Pb)"
  12. Aaaah ok then. So it basically means unleaded fuel only.
  13. I reckon these scratches are from fingernails. The cap is pretty flat, the way you'd have to hold it and turn exposes the fingernails to that area of the tank.

    true that
  14. Recap on the products people have recommended (some are from a different website):
    • 3M Finishing Glaze
    • Tcut (not sure if this is a product)
    • Mir polish (not sure if this is a product)
    • MacGuiar's #9 Swirl Remover
    • Fareclla G3 in liquid form
    • Glym swirl remover
    • Auto glym from autobahn polish
  15. Tank scratches! Damn they are ugly. I had a little chip on it during the ride from the showroom to my home (Day 1) and that really annoyed me.

    Last week discovered 2 more and they are all on the right hand side and the bike is only 6weeks old. I have cleaned and polished the bike 2 weeks ago so the rest of the bike looks shiny and clean except these 3 chips now.

    Well...such is life! Thinking to let it go for an year or so and then might get the tank painted all black.
  16. Ouch! :facepalm:

    Got the sticker off the tank with no problems last night using a hairdryer.

    Unfortunately, didn't have much luck with the scratches. I found a tube of Meguiar's X-Scratch I had in the garage.

    On the weekend, I'm going to try a rubbing compound, polish method.

    By the way, anyone use kero to clean the spoked/wired rims? Is it safe?
  17. I was going to suggest the scratch X. Works for me and my bike has the thinnest facking clearcoat in bikerdom!! Do some research online about how to apply it properly, otherwise it could create a buffed uneven area.
  18. +1 Meguiar's Scratch-X
  19. Agree with Scratch-X, it's amazing. Although if you seen my shed you would think I'm a Meguiars rep lol

    Also besides no lead my interpretation of the tank sticker is;
    Caution - Refer to Manual RE: Fuel
    Caution - Refer to Manual RE: Helmet
  20. Pb is lead [-( - so "no Leaded petrol"

    I wouldnt like to add more on how to fix the marks though