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Help with SV1000 / GSX1400 comparison

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. I’m considering these 2 bikes (on paper so far) for an upgrade

    Obviously a test ride will fill in the X factor as to whether I like a bike or not but what a test ride can’t tell me is the long term stuff

    Like fuel economy,
    How long the tyres last, (for normal riding…obiously a spirited right hand will change this a fair bit
    Service costs,
    Known or experienced issues
    General Day to day living

    Anything else that would be handy to know when considering these bikes

    Would rather comments/advice from those who have ridden/owned either or both of these than from armchair experts who have a hotlink to google.

    1st thing I feel about these bike is that they are big, with the GSX obviously the giant of the2. Compared to the Spada though, anything is going to be big and i realise this.

    Both these bike appeal to me on different levels and both would probably do everything I want and lots more should I ask it to.

    So I’m after a real world comparison. Or at least 2 sets of data I can compare.

    Other potentials are:

    Trumpy Sprint 00-04
    Any of the big 4 nakeds
    Z750/Z100 – not great in the pillion stakes though

    So feel free to comment on these as well if you have the info

    Oh and I’m only about 5’7â€-5’8â€, so tall seat heights are a killer
  2. So the fun begins hey Drew!!


    Perhaps pm Skuffy - he's got the GSX1400.

    RE: SV1000's - From what I've seen/read/heard/researched, they're a good bike and can get them for a good price too.

    Good luck with it! :)
  3. The GSX1400 is a monster. It has a significantly lower seat than my Bandit, and I'm 5'8", so you should be fine for height. Not sure of the stats but it wouldn't surprise me if it has 50% or more extra power over the SV1000 - it's an arm-stretcher!

    I personally didn't like the retro 'two rear shocks and springs' look on the GSX, but ymmv. I suspect the SV is more of a twisties weapon.

    Really, they're two very different bikes but both very good - take 'em for a ride!
  4. The sv is a great package, way unrated imo when you compare it, to other similar styles of bike and great bang for buck

    To start with it comes stock with fully adjustable suspension.

    Motor is strong, down low but does run out of puff over 180....it's no 1000cc as was proved when i have been out giving chase to a couple of blokes, on inlines4......

    In terms of riding it's a very easy bike to ride imo Tips in well, and easy enough to make adjustments mid line. Certianly it's no supersports in the twisties but it's got character, miss count your downshift and she will let you know all about. It's capable enough to hang with the sportsbikes at normal speeds :wink:

    As for pillioning i am not sure this would be the idea seat without a bit of work done to the seats, they are like planks, but a quite refoam and recover would do them justice. Power wise they are fine fully loaded (though they tend to left the front wheel easier if that's possbile)

    Tyres and fuel, hmmm yeah well if you feel you are going through them to quickly get off the throttle :wink:

    So there you have it, never ridden a gsx but skuffy's bike looks huge side by side, and looks like a pig to ride, but following him, he made it look pretty easy :eek:

    i reckon if you want to commute long distance, tour etc the sv is not ideal, small fuel range, even worse at the track (i think from memory about 126 from 14ltr)

    For me my commute is only about 20km each way so the 180 fuel range doens't bother me to much but if i had a 50km-75km each way i would consider something different.....tours aren't to bad...there are always servo's about 200km apart..(just make sure you know what time they close) :LOL:

    cheers stewy
  5. Actually the GSX1400 isn't that powerful, which is one of the good things about it (large, low power engines last longer). It's nearly twice the capacity of the air/cooled 750 engine, yet only produces about 25% more power. In fact I think it's less than the SV1000 puts out.
    I'm with Bravus - either one would probably be a good choice, but they are two very different bikes. I reckon you'd need to ride both for yourself to decide.
  6. Yeah, I did a quick google after posting to check my memory and discovered I was talking from a lower orifice... I think I was thinking of torque...
  7. Yeah torque and reliability would be the two strong points of the air/oil cooled GSX engines - which is why they're so popular with drag racers.
  8. ...and it turns out the torque difference *is* pretty close to 50%... I feel semi-vindicated, just confused!
  9. WOW, this is going to be a fun thread..........

    OK, I have onwed the 1400 for almost 4 years and I "have" considered trading it in on something "newer". but, everytime I go for a ride and look at her - the love grows stronger....... Have I ridden the SV's - yes..... And, I do know a little about riding. :)

    No issue. I have 72,000 and she is purring as great as the day I climbed on 4 years ago. Maintenance is typical Suzuki pricing.

    Definately confortable - look at the size of the seat.... :LOL:

    Suspension fully adjustable front and rear. Motor, dont touch it, just change the cans for sound. I run a PCIII as it does allow it to run more freely at the higher revs. A set of MX bars, lift kit on the rear shocks and that is all it needs - suspension to suit ofcourse.

    Well, I seem to do just fine against either Motard or Sportbike in the twisties.....hehehehe If you ride them hard, they do enjoy rubber and plenty of helpings..... :LOL:

    21 litre tank so atleast 300km is riding liberally. 2-up not a problem. Comfort over long distances - get a screen.

    I personally dont like twins, but the SV is a great bike. Wont last as long and wont be as comfortable on longer journeys. I personally find them to be a little "loose" when ridden hard. Apart from that, no complaints.

    In the end - ride them both. I am happy for you to take mine for a spin anytime.
  10. Thanks for the write up Stewy. kinda what i'd though you'd say about the seats. the 200km fuel range is a bit of a wory though...but it is a V@.

    Rosie, already picked Mitches brains on the weekend. And had a good look at his bike....lots of mods there though :)

    Big lazy engine is one of the appeals of the GSX, it may have the torque to remove tree stumps from concrete but that doen't mean i'm going to use every time i hit the starter.

    Long Commutes is what we do.... Most firends and family are an hour-2 hours away by road...and the car is downright boring for this.

    really, i'm after i nice comfy bike for me and the mrs, that goes well wen asked, eats miles without questions, doesn't leave you cramped and aching after a couple of hours, can carry a load, but still gives thrills when asked and doesn't need a water cooled bank card to fund fuel and tyres

    That about sums it up
  11. Then the SV is not the winner out of those two selections. The SV1000S is a sportstourer but its 90% sports 10% touring really. The train sounds much better for your needs.
  12. check out the vfr800....the vtec model.....super comfy seat a hoot in the twisties, very little mods required to make them a beaut of a bike
  13. I assume you've already looked at, and ruled out, the Bandit?
  14. SV - brilliant engine, not the greatest handler out there (fully adjustable?!? Not to my memory, I think you've only got rebound on the forks... Could be wrong) and the brakes suck big donkey balls, they're my definition of wooden. The seat is OK but the tank is so thin it's hard to get a grip on with the ol' inner thighs, which compounds the braking issue for me. Still a ripper bike.

    GSX - looks like a fecken tank, I know Shawn Giles and Skuffy ride them fast but I've never seen another one making any kind of progress. I'll reserve my judgement until I've sweet-talked mitch into a dirty bike swap but as a rule I think the bigger the bike, the less the feeling of fun.

    As a completely out-of-the-blue suggestion, that I'm sure nobody will expect coming from me, why not try a Hornet 900? They rule at everything. 300km range, great back seat, comfy, as reliable as anything out there, sporty, commutey, stuntey, thrashey and cheap as chips. Plus they massage your nuts if you sit on about 3200pm at the lights. How could you possibly go wrong?
  15. Hey Drew.... Lots of mods - nahhhhhh

    Here is the mods list and why:
    MX Bars - I like the riding position - $125

    Rear jackup kit - 2.5" lift gives the bike MUCH better handling - $250. In your case, I dont think this is necessary

    Cans - Sound only and a little performance gain but not necessary

    PCIII - I put this on as I like to ride it in a spirited fashion. $450 from OS but not necessary

    Braided lines - Same reasons as above - I think about $300???

    Bar end mirrors - aesthetics only. Not necessary

    steering dampner - Spirited riding, $600. Not necessary

    Suspension mods - changes for heavier oil and a few tweeks, again for spirited riding - $600. Not necessary

    I think that is it..... not much for 4 years when you think about it.

    So, for you, I would imagine the bike in stock fashion would be more than sufficient as you are smaller than I and weigh less so the suspension is fine. You wont need the bars, or the lift-kit or cans or PCIII, etc...... Just buy it and ride it - after a test ride ofcourse. :)
  16. Thanks Mitch,

    you indicated as much about the setup and reliability of the bike on the weekend.

    The power is the only thing that is really a concern but i think if i start easy and learn the bike nature for a while i should be fine....no mad powerslides for the 1st week okay.

    It looks as though raising the rear a bit is quite popular with 14 riders.

    Pity they are not twin cans anymore.... the single just doesn't look the same.

    I'm not a race wanna be by any stretch on the imagination but i do like a good solid ride...the GOR and Dean Marsh was awesome! If it can handle that with out me being on par with Rossi i'll be very happy. Mitch, you may just have an ever so slight advantage in skill level there :p :LOL:

    Once the magic date rolls around i may give you a call if your happy for me to take a ride, nothing silly though.
  17. The GSX1400 is not as big a bike as the capacity suggests. It's basically the old gsxr1100 engine with some work.

    Many modern lightweights will actually feel bigger, because of their seat height.

    the SV has quite a high seat height and is quite a stretch to the bars in s form.

    I think the x-factor is going to be the biggest decider here because both are so different.
  18. <insert unknowlegable rider comment here>

    i have a friend who recently went throught the gsx1400-Sv1000N-Bandit decision making process. he/we spent about 3months researching all 3 bikes, comparing positives and negatives. sitting on them in showrooms ect ect ect.

    after all is said and done. he is picking up the 14 next week. and i came rather close to buying a bargain second hand 14 recently...thats how much i fell in love with them too lol.

    basically the 14 won on comfort and style. honestly if suzuki released a naked bandit in australia he probably would have bought one of those. just the bikini fairing is ugly imho. i love the bandit ..awesome engine, i assum the 1400 is simmilarly smile producing. if suzuki brought over the bandit N model they would make a mint.

    fyi he's about 50 and wanted a midlife crisis/sport/tourer/sunday bike. i think its fitts that bill perfectly. he isnt going to be getting knee down anytime soon.

    btw he ended up settling for 12.5k on road. (minus 4g for his hyo gt250) which i reckon is a pretty awesome deal. thats alot of bike for the money.

    check out gsx1400.org good site for 14 info

    never ridden a sv1000 or even a twin to no comment. but i think the N's can be made to look pretty good and a buddies with twin IXIL cans sounds the ducks nuts
  19. Hey Drew - Test ride - anytime. The popularity of the bike is it reliability, long touring capabilities and overall versatility. Dont worry about the power and you also dont have to worry about as many gear changes either......

    Hey Loz - You want to take it for a ride - anytime mate. Conditions apply - my balls work best at 4000rpm.... :eek: :LOL: