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Help with Suzuki RGV250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by captainmorgan, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. One of the bikes I'm looking at getting is a Suzuki RGV250.
    What is the fuel consumption like?
    What are maintenance costs like, compared to a 4 stroke?

  2. One word - don't! :shock:

    This is one of the bikes that is NOT on the approved learners list in NSW and certainly won't be on the Victorian list when LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle System) gets in here. Since we hopefully will see a LAMS system within 12 months (Even VicRoads can't keep stalling it too much longer :roll: ) I'd suggest go for something cheap and reconsider what you want when LAMS does come in. The rider and industry members of VMAC have made LAMS introduction a high priority.

    Just avoid the RGV (you may not be be insurable on it on your Ls anyway)

    The RGV and other high performance 2 strokes such as the NSR250 & TZR 250 and the Aprilia RS250 are decidedly unsuitable for a first bike (and I'm speaking as someone who loves 2 strokes - peaky insane powerbands and all) :twisted:

  3. One of my mates has an old RGV250 for sale too, fairly gutless but good if you're not real heavy. Also get blown around a bit because they're so light. but they're a cheap bike and I wouldn't worry about insurance, the insurance would probably be more than the bike. Plus in Vic you have compulsory insurance incorporated into your rego costs.
    Should be able to pick one up for under $3K
  4. Thanks for that Tony. I didn't realise we are getting LAMs in Vic.
    I want a 250 that has some decent power. I want to be half prepared for when I upgrade to a bigger bike. I wouldn't want to got from a CB250!
    Any suggestions then?
  5. Any of the 4 cylinder sports 250's are more than capable at doing most stuff, and have better economy than a stroker, as well as being able to sit at staedy 100km/h (some rgv's hate this).

    Choose from CBR's, FZR's, ZXR's, and the Across, all of which have full fairings.
  6. 68hp and 128 kilos...gutless? I don't think so. I raced these for years, and a race kitted one (just an extra 2hp), in the hands of a top notch rider (not me), could mix it with the 600's. I suspect your mate might have a Japanese grey import. The domestic market bikes were restricted to 40hp by Japanese legislation. (Or it may just be a clapped-out heap.)
  7. I'm all for the RGV, the are a missile in the wrong hands, if you're willing to maintain it and take your time (foul a few plugs) then it will be a good beast. The main thing is to ride to your limit and get to learn about it's power delivery.

    I'm not too sure about the LAMS laws, you can always give VicRoads a call and see if it is coming in and how soon? How will that affect you *if* you already ahve a non-LAMS bike?


  8. VicRoads won't be able to give you an answer - it's still under discussion at VMAC but I would expect something to come out of tomorrow night's meeting.
    Then it has to go to the Minister for approval and then it will need to go through the admin steps. It'll be a while yet I expect. The chances are that it will affect you if you have a non-compliant bike. It's my understanding that these particular bikes are way overrepresented in the crash stats and the low number of people affected and that it's a safety issue, I very much doubt there'll be any dispensation if you already own one and you are on Ls or Ps.

  9. They didn't earn the name 'Kid Killer' for nothing.
  10. That can only be stretched so far. Decent power compared to what, other 250's ? If you want a 4 stroke 250 with zap, look at the ZX2R's or CBR-RR's.
  11. Why? they both produce much less power (as much as 40% less in standard Japanese market form), and they weigh more. An RD250 stroker from the 1970's could thrash any of the 'Sports' 250 4-strokes without breaking a sweat.
  12. inc - I said IF he wanted a 4 stroke 250 then those 2 have some zap. Given the amount of advice on LAMS and other comments regarding the RGV, he may wish to consider a 4 stroke.

    That's why.

  13. Oh hell.....I have to agree with you there......I'll make sure it doesn't happen again :p :grin:
  14. if you want a LAMS approved bike, get one once it comes in OR get a 2 stroke 250 *if* you really want something with kip before LAMS comes in?
  15. Gday mate.
    I got a RGV and am on my L's in victoria. They are a great bike. The positives of the rgv are
    - very fast u keep up with many bigger bikes
    - light and small
    - no need to upgrade becasue they are quick
    - 2 stroke maintainance is not what people say. Less cost becasue the engine is simple compared to 4 strokers

    - If ur new to learning they can be quite hard, becasue of the torque curve.
    u gotta rev the crap through it
    - quite thirsty because of the revs
    - Quite smokey becasue of the oil
    -gotta let it warm up

    All in all, i love my RGV, have had no probs and if u want a powerful pocket rocket of a bike, go the RGV.
    Great handling plus and great fun
    good luck with it