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help with starting problems

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by quami, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. hi guys

    i need help in trying to figure out a problem im having with starting my scooter.

    the scooter is a 2011 torino toro sport. the issue that im having is that the scoot is very difficult to start when i have left if for a couple of days.

    the bike will turn over when the starter button is pressed but will not start. the only way it seems to start is when i use the kick starter to prime the engine.

    after i prime the engine with the kick start then press the starter button the scoot will then start. the problem seems to resolve until i leave it sit again for a couple of days.

    thought it might be the battery but it had a open circuit charge of 12.5 but i did charge it just in case.

    the battery was charged over night on a bulk/float charger.

    i tested the open circuit volts and it was 12.8

    i put the battery back into the scoot and it made no difference

    the above procedure seems the only way to start it.

    wat do it need to do to find out the source that is casing the problem???

    any help is greatly appreciated :)
  2. Does it have carbies? Maybe the bowl drain when you leave it and need to refill. What sort of fuel pump if any?
  3. that aint no prob!

    +1 to above post

    sound like carby. turn off fuel tap when parked
    just prime it like you said
  4. Just a guess here....

    *Initially the starter motor is not able to spin the motor over fast enough to draw fuel/air
    *When you are operating the starter motor the available power drops to a point below what is required to fire the ignition circuit.
    *Is the fuel tap vacuum operated? If left for a few days, fuel in the carb evaporates, and the fuel tap will not open without a vacuum, so the carb cannot refill.

    What is the voltage drop while the starter motor is operating??
    Does the fuel tap have a 'prime' position as well as 'off' and 'on'??

    Maybe try a bigger battery ( higher CCA ) or get more comfortable using the kick start.
  5. a 2011 model, still under warranty? Have you considered contacting the supplier to see if this is a common issue or a fault? Being so close to new I'd be asking them.
    Have you checked forums for these scoot's, it may be the 'norm' and you have to just 'cop it'.
  6. Torino = Chinese, made by XingYue...........
  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( poor fella then.
    Surely they would have some kind of something??
  8. @ mike8863

    the bike does not have a vacuum fuel tap it has an automatic choke

    how can i check if there is a power drop when the starter motor is cranking? would u have to do a voltage drop between the battery and the starter motor to ascertain that?

    thnx for the help really appreciate it
  9. simple, voltmeter across the battery terminals. Obviously the battery is in the bike and connected to the bike. Most digital VM's will have a 0-20V DC range.

    ignition off - read voltage ( should read at least 12.6V )
    ignition on - read voltage ( should drop only marginally, if at all, from the previous reading )
    ignition on + operating the starter motor - read voltage ( the drop is the difference between the ignition off reading and this reading. )

    How much voltage drop is acceptable varies according to the battery condition, the particular bike, and its ignition system. Most electronic ignitions will not work properly below a 'threshold' voltage.