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help with slipping fzr250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by eb six on boost, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. hi all, first post for me so be easy on me :)

    okay ive just got my learners and bought a 1989 yamaha fzr250.
    love the bike, but i have a small issue with it. after riding and trying to put it away, which involves a short incline driveway at pretty low speed, the clutch starts to slip.
    if i knock it back to neutral and then back to first it seems ok, and onces it starts to move along, it seems to get to a speed or rev and just lurches.
    its going fast enough for it to stop it stalling, well i thought anyway.
    is it just a heat issue, lack of oil or just me riding the clutch too much??

    is their a secret to starting off from a standstill with this bike?

    hope someone out there can give me some helpful advise.

  2. Not tryin to isult ya but since ur on ur L's and so worth i think u might be just droping the clutch too fast. What REVs r u keeping it at. Bikes tend to be jumpy in low revs/gears althoutgh that should no be the case with an fzr

    Ur next call should be to make sure u dont have a weird/car oil in there. Otherwise u may have harsheir problems.

    But get someoneone elses advise first as i have a tendancy to fcuk bikes up
  3. thanks, im just going for a ride now and i will see how it goes letting it out slower. will post how it goes. thanks again
  4. practice makes perfect! i think ive got the hang of it now, about 4,500 revs and ease it out and perfect, no slip and or chugging along.

    one other problem i have noticed is it starts to lose fuel after only 30ks into a fuel tank.
    i can get it onto reserve just before it konks out, if not it will re fire with choke on and on reserve.
    ive read in another thread on gpx250 of similar issue, is it a vaccum problem also???
    im new to the bike mechanics, and when i pulled the bike down to clean it i noticed a hose just sitting on crankcase and a spare nipple on the bottom of the fuel tank (its a lose fit with no clamp and maybe its come off when i hinged the tank back), i put it on there cause i cant see anything else laying about but the hose just goes to front of swing arm like its an overflow or vent hose.

    anyone able to help???

  5. ok there can be up to 3 cables going down from the fuel tank on any bikes as far as i know.

    1) Fuel Line Fat cable (by comparison) may have a little fuel filter in it ill connect fuel tap to carburator

    2) Vacume cable This cable is small (thinner than the other ones) will go straight from the fuel tap to the carb. U need this cable pluged in otherwise the fuel will only trickle in this sounds lie ur problem.

    3) overflow/drainage just a cable as fat as the fuel cable but just plugged into the bootom of the tank and going down ending somewhere between the frame and swingarm

    make sure cable 2 is pluged in where it is supposed to small fual tap pug plug and into the carb.

    this is just a guide to most bikes u gota figure out whats what unless a fzr owner can tell ya otherwise. Try and get a manual if u cant solve it and have a look whats supposed to go where
  6. thanks for the help buddy, ive just disected the whole system and re did the whole fuel lines with efi hose i have spare from my cars.

    ive got two lines going from the tank, one being fuel and one reserve, both go down to the tap, then one feeds off that to the filter, then feeds the pump, then another fuel fitler, then feeds carbs.

    the hoses that was not attached was just the overflow, all fixed now.
    when i removed the airfilter i noticed two vacuum hoses, each one goes down between two carbs, it looks like both these are meant to be joined together so i put a hose on also.

    so its all making sense to me now ive got my hands dirty.

    maybe problem with pickup intank???

    thanks again for your help
  7. yeah im trying to get my hands on a workshop manual for the fzr250, but being a grey import its a little tricky.....but if anyone knows of a shop who sells them, please post it here.

  8. look around on the net. There are plenty of link sfrom this site. Or just keep goggling using diffrent combinations of words like fzr,yamaha,250,manual,workshop,factory,download,pdf,

    So u re did that is the problem still there?
  9. its not really a problem, when i drained the tank i noticed the main pickup in the tank is pretty high up, almost 1/4 the way down the tank from the top.
    is this normal height???

    yeah will keep my eyes peeled for a manual
  10. its normal.
  11. Hey mate, I've got an FZR.

    I've only done pretty limited pull-apart work on it :grin: but here's the best site I've found for info on them:

    FZR 250 guides

    Best guide I've found for servicing exup valves :eek:

    Yeah, the clutch is fairly high on the FZR's compared to other bikes I've been on. You get used to it - don't be afraid to rev it, and wet-clutches can be ridden!

    My bike runs off the reserve pickup. On the standard pickup, there may be a tall mounted filter cartridge. If this is blocked or fouled then it's possible the pickup point is raised as a result [too high].

    Also - your bike definitely has a fuel pump?
    Some of the older one's didn't, but you CAN fit one after-market.

    Should be two electronic soundy thingy's when you ignition and kill-switch ON: there'll be a smooth robotic sound - that's the exup valve running a quick start test, and there'll be a kind of pulsing knocking sound [diaphragm-esque] which will be the fuel pump if you have one.
  12. thanks ktulu, great link for info, cheers.
    yep definatly has a fuel pump, when i changed all the hoses i checked it for leaks while the seat was up and looked to see what the electrical noises are on start up.

    when the tank was dry i blew 10psi of air into the bottom side of each pickup and nothing came out (rubbish) so they are clean.
    sheez i will be topping the tank up everyday when i start riding to work or i will pull out pickups and cut down the main feed or just fit a autometer fuel gauge and sender unit.

    thanks for all the great usefull info!!!

  13. if u want to compensate for running on reserve all the time u can through in a fuel filter onto the fuel line very easily.

    Its what i do with my cbr