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Help with Scooter braking

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by ksystemz, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. New scooter, Front pad is starting to squeek and the back brake handle seems very loose to the front one , help!

  2. Disc's often squeak, very rarely mean's anything- only worry about if you notice performance gets worse. If it aint broke...

    The rear brake lever sounds like it just needs adjusting. Is it really a problem, or are you just being a typical new bike owner- overprotective of your new baby :) ?

    If the rear brake is still working for you, just wait for the first scheduelled service, get it adjusted then and ask the bloke at the counter for some basic maintenance advice.
  3. Its just easy to squeeze it compared to the front
  4. Use a large hammer, hit repeatedly.
  5. Yep, adjustment can improve that then.

    But I think this answers my question:

    "Is it really a problem, or are you just being a typical new bike owner- overprotective of your new baby?"

    It doesn't really matter. If thats the worst of your problems, you bought a fine bike.
  6. Just thought I'd add...

    My bike's problems:
    - Brake light does not illuminate with front brake, only when rear brake lever is applied. I don't use the rear brake generally, so its a pain in the arse- I have to conciously remember to use it.

    - Chain is rooted, just slackens up everytime I try and adjust it. It constantly drags on the swingarm, wearing itself out and flinging muck everywhere -My chain is louder than my engine :p

    - There is too much oil in the oil tank- If you open the sump when the bike is turned on and the oil pump is operating, it gushes out, leaving an exxon valdez style spill.

    - The throttle sticks, and does not roll back- i.e. if you twist it up to full throttle and then take your hand off, it stays on full throttle. You need to physically pump it back to close it.

    - The exhaust is badly jetted and backfires occasionally. It also rattles constantly as it is ill-fitting.

    - Random nuts and bolts loosen themselves and fly off my bike- caused purely by vibration :grin: I can't seem to find where any of the bits that have come off came from either, so it's a bit of a worry that my bike's falling apart.

    - Has the worst gearbox I've ever used. I hit a false nuetral the other day. "No worries" I thought, "I'll just shift up", Hit the lever again. And again. And again. I think it finally went into second after about the fifth attempt :roll: Probally needs new oil.

    I think you need to put your problems in perspective. I don't really care about any of these things on my bike. Sure it needs a service, but I don't have time. It gets me there and back.

    There is nothing wrong with you bike :cool: Enjoy it, ride it, don't worry about it ever.
  7. is it disc front and back ? or drum on rear?

    as if its disc on front and drum rear the rear brake lever will be soft and not be real effective when compared to the front brakes.

    my front disk squeals a bit at times my rear drum did badly at low speeds. got it pulled apart and cleaned out as it was full of dust.
  8. The front pad maybe just glazed. This happens when a repeated light pressure is used. Doing a few hard stops will burn off the glazing.
    The rear sounds like it just needs adjusting to get the slack out of it. I'm assuming it is cable operated, and the cable has stretched a little.
  9. how ddo i tighten this?
  10. brakes

    Should be a nut where the rear brake cable connects to the brake arm coming out of the rear drum brake. Rotate this Clockwise about half a dozen turns(maybe a few more or less) and then feel your rear brake lever. It should be adjusted fine. Front brake wont need adjusting as it is a hydraulic disc, although the front lever will eventually come back toward the bars as the pads wear.
  11. Easy fix mate and it's done in just 2 steps.

    1.Take scooter back
    2. Buy a real bike

    All your troubles will be over...
  12. There's always one....

    kols_kebabs mate.. take some time and check your brakes as well :p At least if your bike does fall apart, you'll be able to stop and pick up all the pieces.
  13. Give me your scooter for 10 minuites and i'll brake it for you ;)
  14. Brilliant!!! LOL :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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  16. I thought that Scooter had had to sell his bike, how can he have a problem braking??

    {Just a lame joke, OK scooter? :grin:}
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  18. FInd out the hard way that pushbikes with disc brakes can thow you over real fast when you show off doing stoppies. :cry: :LOL: