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Help with RWC

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Soon2BeNinja, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. I am looking at buying my first bike and have been around to see a lot of them, The bike I was is a 1991 kawasaki GPX 250R (EX250) it looks really good, Its done about 27,000K on the meter near new tires breaks,

    The only down side to it is it's got a small hardly noticible crack on the front left fairing above the left blinker, I'm told by the guy who owns it and the shop that it is still a really nice bike to ride and nothing in damage terms has been done to the bike under that crack, It was not dropped or so they say,

    I'm really wanting to know what I would need to get a RWC, The asking price is $1500 but talked him down due to it being sitting there for well over 2 years so the new price I am willing to pay is $1150 with no rego/RWC,

    P.s., I know that you should not buy a second hand bike if it's got any damage and I can not tell you how many times I've heard it all before, But this bike is within my price range and that will include getting a RWC if nothing is needed and rego, It will be my first manul bike and I've never ridden anything over 150 cc, I'm on my green P's and have been riding for about 7 months on a scooter hans the name soontobeninja, As I would like to one day own a ninja 600+ Thanks for reading and I hope to hear all the 2-50 cent's that everyone has got,

    My scooter is going for it's 4,000k's mark with only small self fixed issues most people who know of it's brand say it would go over 2,000k's
  2. No it's not the right forum I'll move it for you this time, next time have a closer look at the forum options please. It would also help to introduce yourself and to let people know where you are from.
  3. Dunno what state you're in or what a RWC would involve for you, but if it's anything like our blue slip then it'll cover pretty much every aspect of the bike (engine, frame, suspension, brakes, safety stuff plus a compliance check). The older a bike, the more likely it is to have an failable issue. What's a RWC cost? Maybe increase your offer enough to cover it, move the headache from your side of the table to theirs.

    Re the fairing damage, all it really tells you is that it's been dropped or hit something at some point (like pretty much any other 24yo bike). So long as it's just cosmetic, and the price is fair for the condition, then don't let it stop you. If it really is just a cracked fairing then it shouldn't affect roadworthiness.

    Welcome to NR by the way.
  4. I believe you are in Victoria? A road worthy will cost you $60 - $150 in Victoria. http://www.vehicleinspectionsaustralia.com.au/ in Preston specialize in RWCs and will do a bike for $59. They do not do any mechanical work so if the bike does not pass and needs work that is an extra expense you need to budget on. It will need to be inspected by Vicroads before they will issue a registration. You can apply for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit for the purpose of taking the bike for a RWC or registration inspection. Registration fees are likely to be between $500 - $700.
  5. I'll upload the photo's of where the crack is, The first photo is the one that is un touched


    The crack is in a strange place, The place say's it should pass a RWC as it is, and not need any work apart from re-covering the wires,
    I'll go back on Monday and take some of my own photos and see if we can get the bike going to record the sound it makes if it makes any at all
  6. Fairing cracks are not structural so the RWC people should not care about it. If you buy the bike you can put some support and glue in behind the fairing to prevent the crack opening any further.
  7. So the main thing that people I know are saying is cause it so cheap at a "discount motorcycle's shop" that there must be something else wrong with it, It will come with no rego or RWC or insurance/parts warranty,

    I've been riding around without insurance/parts warranty for the last year and only use a helmet camera for if I am in any trouble on the roads,
  8. no thats not what people are saying at all
    some are saying to by it registered off the shop then yuo wont have any surprisses when you try to roadworthy/register it otheres are saying its an older bike and might have underlying problems
    i would never by an unregistered unroadworthy bike myself, but hey every one is different
  9. oh and have you done your intro thread yet?
    some people think its rude to sollicite information with out atleast an introduction
  10. There may be something wrong with it, if you are worried it may be worthwhile getting an independent mechanic to check it over. Buying second hand there is always a possibility it is a lemon but more often that not they are ok. As the bike is older than 10 years the dealer is not required to provide a warranty. You have limited protection under the "Fitness for Purpose" provision under consumer law, that is the bike must be able to function as a bike but again because there is no RWC that protection is minimal.

    Regarding insurance, generally I would recommend you get Third Party Property insurance. That will protect you against damage your bike may cause others.e.g. you hit an oil patch and slide into someone you are riding with, their bike is your responsibility to repair, or you are distracted and slide into the back of a $250,000 Bentley, again your responsibility for the repairs. You can put yourself in a bad financial position for many years because of a little error or road conditions that just leads to you damaging other people's property.
  11. It's so cheap because it was a cheap bike to begin with and it's 24 years old. No RWC brings the price down even further.

    Would the shop be willing to get it RWC'ed at your expense, before you commit to the purchase?
  12. No sorry where would I find this what part of the forums ?

    I'm not sure I will ask him this when I go back today and if he's reply is no I won't be putting a deposit down to take it off the listing,
    I've seen the same bike but a 2005 to 2007 model's"including the middle year's but those bike have been dropped and looked like crap" for cheaper with RWC and rego but they've both been sold,
  13. Its in the Welcome Lounge and Birthday Greeting Sub Forum. It is one of the customs here that new joiners post up a thread of their own telling a bit about themselves, their experience, etc. It just helps people know a bit about you before they reply.
  14. Yeah I found it,

    OK so I am about 3 weeks away from being on the road's and next thing to know is what is a good price for a RWC, The closest place to me that do only motorcycles say about $160 but I've read somewhere else that yu can get them as cheap as $50 and they won't try to throw anything else at you and only do the RWC

    This is a new place in Clifton hill on Smith street it looks really good inside the place but looks like you're paying for their rent on the place
  15. So I think I will be going to a place that I've just found (not on the web) And close to my place, "Glenlyon motor's 123 Nicholson street, Brunswisk east", As they have said they love the older bikes and and a sense of humor, They've agreed if there is anything needing to tell me so I can get the parts myself and put them on at the place where I got my bike from,
    They seem to be a nice bunch of guys and very cheery,
    I went to about 10 places and all seemed to be a bit on the dickhead side of things, The best price for the RWC is $150 as everyone seems to be that or more,
  16. Ok, Vehicle Inspections Australia is $59 because RWCs are their only business but being close by is a definite advantage and a good relationship with people who do your work is worthwhile. Hope the bike sales through RWC and reg for you. (y)
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