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Help with rsvp profile

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's, well I am single again (hope that's not saying something about me?!); I guess I have to draft up a new rsvp profile, any idea's? This should be good for a laugh if nothing else :) .

  2. Hmm...

    You're a tall blonde who knows how to handle tools and prefers it hard and fast.

    We should do dinner sometime!
  3. Lol Loz.

    Johnny.. er dont? I think those dating sites are funny, but really, if you aren't going out often enough to meet new people and possibly a partner, then you're definately not going to meet the social demands of a relationship. Unless you just want a fling, then you're cruel! :)
  4. I'll disagree there!

    I met my partner on RSVP. She was on there because she was sick of meeting idjets out somewhere, and I was poor and working too much to get out, and most of my friendships at the time atrophied when my previous long term relationship folded.

    We both met some oddballs on RSVP, but over 6 years later we're happy! :p
  5. Bollocks to that, internet dating is hilarious fun, as well as a good way of pre-filtering applicants!
  6. It's cool, I'm going out enough (yes mum I'm looking after myself :wink: ), me cruel? No way, I don't have to go on a website for anything casual (if I wanted it).

    When you have specialized interests like I have, motorcycle racing and rave parties, the only way to find 'like' is to contact as many people as you can.....internet.

    I'm just having a bit of a laugh about it here :wink:
  7. This is gonna be a funny read, mate.
  8. Going by the description of your racing life in the "what does it take" thread it would seem to be something like

    Hopeless motorcycle addict
    Bung leg
    Will never have any money, other than for bike stuff!

    Apply at motorcycle shop or pit garage 13......

    :LOL: :p
  9. Must ride bikes and drink beer, please send photo of bike. :LOL:
  10. Well theres proof then, i know that some people work out fantastically that way, and there are so many people on the net to contact that you're bound to meet someone you get along with, i just think that i know a whole lot of good looking awesome people through friends, work, what ever!

    hehehe, that makes it sound like a match making company in the UK, you pay about 20 grand and it's a guaranteed long term match.

    Hehehe, i would have though that mum would be more encouraging you to go out :p
    And i was kidding about the cruel thing, silly!

    btw i basically only like trance and motorbikes, too bad I'm taken! :LOL:
  11. Actually Matti, I quite like that. :LOL: Johnny at least this one would get the girls with a sense of humor ;)

    Good luck with it - not a fan of online dating sites myself, but if it works for you, then go for it. :)

    Keep us updated!! And try Matti's suggestion - worked for me! lol.
  12. Hmmm, I think you're right Mark lol
  13. Does that "Trance" thing have anything to do with Rohypnol or Chloroform?
  14. This is brave of you I must say putting it out there like that. Good for you. I dabbled a bit with RSVP myself a while back. Nothing earth shattering emerged out of it for me, but at least it got the energy/vibe/mojo back. Got more dates in a month that I would have had in a whole year otherwise (no, not cause I'm ugly, just cause I don't go out much anymore OK!)

    Some advice from a female's perspective:
    - spelling and grammar. A little thing, but says alot. If this isn't your strong suit, get someone to proof read for you
    - don't put a photo of your bike on there. Or if you do, at least have a clear shot of you in it as well. There aren't that many females out that who are that passionate about bikes that they just want to see your bike.
    - have the decency to reply to any kisses you recieve (just common courtesy really).
    - Fill in all the headings. Don't just think 2 lines will sell yourself.

    Well, that's about it off the top of my head. Good luck out there.
  15. I would also try speed dating, you can meet up to 12 girls in one night.

    With RSVP there are lots of tyre kickers. You may have someone contacting you asking you to send an e-mail, so you spend your hard earned on a stamp, e-mail them and never hear from them again.

    With speed dating at least you get to meet someone face to face rather than communicating thru a keyboard.
  16. I tried on-line dating once - I met a stalker, it was all kinds of awesome.

    Go on admit it Johnny, you started this thread to let all the ladies on the site know you were on the market :p
  17. Not going to learn much about a woman meeting 12 in the one night.... well I could learn that they are NOT for me (or anyone else :wink: )
  18. Internet.... reach the most people :grin: Ah just a bi-product :wink:

    I don't think there are that many available females on this site, plus I don't want to get a reputation for working my way through Netrider, if you know what I mean. I have some nice friends on Netrider, I'd like to keep it that way.
  19. Online dating just gets the introduction out of the way. Everything else still has to follow the time honoured path ways...

    Not sure I can help mate with the profile mate, but put up an honest one.... then be proactive at approaching/contacting girls that interest you... but since guys rather than girls are proactive about contacting potentials, try to be fresh, or do or say something to make you stand out from the herd.

    Good luck man! :)
  20. Definitely put a photo of you and your bike on there. Or even better, you and your bike at the track (not on the track, in the pits or something, you know what i mean). Lots of women love bikes and it shows that you're a different guy from the endless hoards of stooges on that site. You just gotta picture what they are thinking, 'oh some stooge in a suit, oh some dork that likes walks along the beach, oh some tool that only wants a root, hey look at this guy, he races bikes!' You gotta stand out from the crowd, cos there's about 10 times more guys then girls on there (though i havent used it for a couple of years). Good luck :grin: