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Help with Route Suggestions Please!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by minglis, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I'm heading up to Bowna (near Albury) with the family for a week. I'm leaving on Tuesday going via this route:


    I'm happy enough to go straight there via the Hume as I'll be in convoy with the family in the car. Next Sunday the family are continuing up to Sydney for a couple of weeks, but I will be coming home to go back to work. I don't need to be back at work until Wednesday, so, I'm thinking about taking a scenic route home. I'm happy to stay over night somewhere on the Sunday night, and continue home on the Monday. That'll give me Tuesday to recover, prepare for work again etc... Can anyone suggest a good route home (Kensington Vic) from Albury?
  2. From there you could do the GAR on the way home. 1 day to Bruthren or Bairnsdale, then home via Willow Grove, Noojee, the spurs Healesville etc
  3. So, something like this:

    or would this be better:

    I really don't know the right roads to take. It's easy enough to use google maps to get directions from (say) Bairnsdale to Kensington, but I'm sure that google will miss most (if not all) of the best roads. Can anyone suggest specific roads that would be best to take on this trip?
  4. I'm trying to make sure I take some nice roads, but would like to avoid dirt if possible.
  5. slab it down to Benalla then swing left through Whitfield, Mansfield and down into the back of Healsville and the Spur (y)
  6. Thanks for the suggestion hornet. I think I might make it a slightly longer trip and do the GAR first. If the weather is going to be too bad, I might use this one as a backup plan and just do it all in one day. Having said that, I was looking at this route:
    which is only 750km, so, I might be able to do that in 1 day anyway (if necessary). Otherwise, I'll need to try and find a decent place to sleep for the night.
  7. I reckon this would be good.


    Just a slight tweak to include the road between Mt Beauty and German Town, careful on the road up from Mt Beauty though, there's a section of freshly laid road covered in loose gravel, once you're through that it's beautiful though.

    You'll love the Willow Grove to Noojee road too, it's brilliant!
  8. sweet, thanks for that, I've added that mod into my route. I'm not 100% sure where the black spur is tho. Is it between Narbethong and Healesville, or is it after Healesville?
  9. Follow the wiggly lines on the map.
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  11. Agree avoid the Hume. Depending on how much time you have, ResMeN's route is the the most interesting direct route. If you like you can swing further over and come up the Black Spur and rejoin his route at Mansfield.

    Of your two routes the one through Mitta Mitta is dirt in the middle and not good condition when I was up there earlier this year. Especially i we have rain it is quite slippery with wash out ruts. Pity because there is a magic sealed section in the middle.

    Foxtwo's route is fun but it would be a couple of days to do it without pressure. Possible in a day but there are some challenging roads in that mix.
  12. You want the best riding roads and no gravel, Here it is, I have done them all a few times each,

    From Caravan park turn right onto River road, Turn right at Wymah Ferry road.
    Turn right at C542 Tallamo road,
    Turn right at Granya road, C546, Yeeeaaahhhh, this one will blow you away.
    Turn right at B400 Murray Valley Hwy,
    Turn left at C537 Kiewa East Road,
    Turn left at Lockharts Gap Road,
    Turn right at Upper Gundowning Road,
    Turn left at Kiewa Valley Hwy.

    At Tawonga you can turn right and go over the Tawonga gap Road to Bright and return,
    50 kays of excellent road, Yeeeaahhhh Not worth missing,

    Or continue on to Mt Beuaty and Falls Creek, Then continue on through Falls Creek to Anglers rest and Omeo, Terrific roads Yeeaaahhhhh,

    Then onto Bruthen. Yeeeaaahhhh, and Bairnsdale,

    Do not go through Mitta Mitta, to Omeo, as the road has 35 KLMS of horrific gravel, gibbers, I did it the day before New years eve,

    It is one shitfull road,

    I dont know how to put a google map on here, so this is what you get,

    Make sure you take your camera, as the Scenery is some thing else,

    Enjoy your ride, Cheers,
  13. Once you have your map ready look on the top right side of the map and it should say "Link" in the corner. Click on that and copy the top one, then paste it in here.

    It will look LONG in the post, but it automatically gets shortened by the forum :)

    Look like a nice route though from what I can see quickly following the route :p

    Yes it is quite challenging that little bit. But it's FUN. I think I've done pretty much all of them roads about once since I've started riding - not much problem, just ride to your ability. Couple of times we've gone up that way on the weekly rides.

    It wouldn't take that much longer than what dionikon posted up before me (as I just added the Dandenongs bit - which is also what I've talked about just then :p).
  14. Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I've taken them all on board and appreciate them very much. I will still travel up the Hume however, as the point there is that I'm travelling with the family. We're making a few stops along the way to check out some stuff (Glenrowan etc). It'll be very boring, but, to quote someone famous (or infamous) "such is life". Trip length home seems to have blown out to around 900km, so, might need to stop over 2 nights instead of 1. I'll need to work all of that out yet.

    Thanks again guys.
  15. That trip I put up, I do it comfortably in one day, But it is a long day,

    Depending on how many stops you have,
  16. I'm not leaving Bowna till lunch time, so, will need at least 1 stop. I might just do it in 2 days then. Thanks again for your input.