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HELP !!! ...with roses!! Quick!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Test-rode the postie on the drive and POWER-SLID it into mum's flowerbed.
    Thanks god for the fence and 2" galvanised flatheads...that's fixed again...
    (wore all the good gear...single-strap safety-flipflops and trackies, I'm fine, thanks for asking, THE BRUISE ON THE FOREHEAD SHOULD BE GONE BY wEDNESDAY NIGHT'S jIM'S tAVERN gREEK NIGHT). :D
    Now,.... that fuggin rose-bush is turning a rusty colour on one side.
    WHAT DO I DO???

    Any worthwhile suggestions?

  2. Spray paint it green?
  3. Plant some stinking roger in its place, after all, a rose by any other name.........
  4. Great stuff !!!....and after the leaves come off?
  5. I'm no good with roses... but if your postie is turning rusty color on one side... stop feeding him snail repelant palets and flip him over...
  6. How'd you know the neighbours name?
    He'll object if I call him "stinking" and mum's already got enough garden-gnomes... :? :? :LOL:
  7. In hindsight, shoulda made it a "rider-down" thread !!!!
    :oops: :oops:
  8. or at least a "Rose Bush Down" thread!
  9. Well its time to be pruning roses now anyways, so it shouldn't have any stems with any leaves!!!

    Have a good hack at it and chop it all back to nothing, give it a handful of rose food at the bottom, and it'll be back in summer bigger and better than before.

    Your Green/Rust thumbed Mizz
  10. hey, and your a netrider too, WE ARE ALLOWED TO CARE!! :D

    my most sincere condolences :wink:
  11. Well...that's how it started, flipped the bloody thing with the postie already.... :idea: :idea: :idea: you mean,...flip it again??
    Or flip the postie..again? :? :? :? :?
  12. ...tell THAT to the blasted thing !! (and wait for it to turn green again?)
  13. Can I quote you to mum?? She'll be delighted !!

    You just wanne see the last of me, don'tcha....if mum sees me doing that....
    :LOL: :LOL:

    That's available at most drive-throughs?
  14. To which postie you are refering to?? one with an engine and two wheels or the other one with a hart and two legs...

    I was thinking of the leged kind... as they quite often lurke around the rose bushes and eat snail palets... and since they can be difficult to ride I thought you skided on one of those...

    Any way it realy does not metter as any posty should be fliped at least once a year to prevent them from geting rusty...
  15. Hell yes, I'm serious. Actually it should have been done in June. You ask Don Burke!

    Nope, just merely being my usual helpful self :)

    Any Nursery/Garden Shop/Kmart/BigW/Bummings. Anywhere that sells plants and garden stuff. Probably even find it in Coles - I shit you not.

    Geez, that's the thanks I get for tryin to be helpful!!! *slaps forehead*
  16. its time to trim now anyway so just give it a good cut back and tell your mum you were helping her out. dont be scared cut it right down to the ground almost, and like misszzr says give it some food and it will be back better than ever. And yes i have 2 green thumbs !!
  17. Told you so :p
  18. :D :D Don't take the original post and resulting stuff too seriously :LOL: :LOL:
    Thanks for the well-meant and serious reply !!
  19. Hell no, I wouldn't try to ride our 2-legged postie, would I? :LOL: :LOL:

    Was that "getting flipped" or "getting laid"? :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Ta !! Will do...then tell her you said so... :LOL:

    ...and I have 2 thumbs which always seem in the way when I use a hammer....they're never green, but shit they can turn black and blue :oops: :LOL: