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Help with riding with a pillion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by voodoo, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. hey,
    I am almost at the stage where i can carry a pillion (about 2 months to go) and just wanting to know a little more about what to expect.
    what with be the differences in handleing and performace?
    what do i need to do?
    what does my pillion need to do?
    and what gear should me pillion be wearing?

    any infomation would be a great help as i imagine it will be alot different to when i am by myself

  2. having personally never ridden with a pillion before, but ridden as a pillion, i can say:
    1. Dont know
    2. Dont know
    3. Follow your movements, ie, dont counteract your leans.
    4. Riding gear like yourself, just because they arent up front doesnt mean they wont get hurt.
  3. Do a forum search, should help you a bit.
    What size/type of bike do you have?
    Anticipate the potential changes to handling and performance, especially overtaking! Plan ahead as best you can i.e. really anticipate sudden changes to direction and braking and try to ride smoothly.
    Hold on. Seriously. Depends on your bike's pillion-carrying capacity and their own riding experiences as to where. One tip - tell them before you head off not to adjust their seating position when going around a corner - it will upset the bike.
    The same as you - as a minimum, correct-fitting helmet, gloves, jacket, jeans and lace-up ankle-length boots.
  4. Teach them to stop knocking your helmets... :grin:

    Dont ask me though, I dont know how too... :shock:
  5. its just a little zzr250 btw
  6. In answer to a couple of your questions,
    1. handling and performance, with more weight on the rear wheel you may feel the bike wants to understeer through a corner and not tip in as readily.
    2. be gentler with your inputs to the bike as the extra weight will amplify anthing you do.
    3. Your pillion needs to move with you, not to ride the bike for you and to not bounce around.
    4. My pillions wear the same type of gear that I wear as a rider. This means helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, proper pants and preferably a back protector as well.

    the bike will accelerate and brake slower than it does one up.
    I have pillioned lots of people over quite a few years at a variety of speeds.
    Just be aware that the bike will behave in a totally different fashion to what it normally does.
  7. Knocking helmets is entirely the fault of the rider. If the helmets knock, you need to be smoother in your riding. Typically it happens when upshifing while accelerating too hard. There's no need to drop the hammer with a pillion, it only risks them falling backwards so don't treat it as a drag race.

    +1 to everything Scumbag said. Also make sure your pillion knows to keep his/her feet on the pegs. Taking a foot off will up set the bike. Have them lean with you through corners. Make sure they know to stay with you rather than trying to predict the lean and make sure they know to look through the corners (some may shut their eyes and that's ok). :) Ride smoothly, gentle inputs and leave plenty of reaction time. :)
  8. thanks for the advice i also found some other posts about it.
    thanks for all the info it has been a great help
  9. What we got taught at the Ridersafe course was that a pillion should always look through the corner with their head over your 'outside' shoulder (i.e. if you are turning left, they should look over your right shoulder, if you are turning right they should look over your left shoulder).

    They should definitely be wearing the same protective gear as a rider, if the bike goes down (which is more than likely a higher possibility with a pillion), they will still come off the bike and slide along the ground just like you!
  10. Your bikes normally great handling will turn to poo...

    Talk, threaten or scare said pillion out of going for a ride with you. Fake a stroke/fit if you have to. You can also forget to lower the foot pegs at the back and don't replace the rear seat cowl with a pillion pad.

    At least offer some sort of sexual favour at the end of a ride. If they are friends or family, they can at least promise to fix their broken bike/car/bicycle ASAP.

    I reccomend offering them no gear at all. That way they will be terribly cold and uncomfortable and never request a pillion ride again.

    If the above advise doesn't seem quite legit, listen to Stg Scumbag as he is very, very good at it, were as I am awful and hate it.
  11. Really? Now I know, since Im a P, I've only ever been a pillion so now I'll go and thump the guy who told me it was my fault.. :?
  12. Your bikes handling will become considerably worse, braking will become extremely heavy if your not use to it so you will need to give yourself extra distance when braking. Slower acceleration is noticeable.

    You will have to tell your pillion not to lean over you but instead stay upright, tell them to lean with you into corners.

    If you can, only take pillions that are light in weight and not scared of getting on a motorcycle. Make sure you don't show off to impress your pillion, their life is in your hands.

    Best time riding with a pillion is when you’re cruising. worse time is in traffic and stopping and starting all the time.
  13. Yes really. :) It's not the pillion's hands on the controls is it? :wink: :)
  14. Use more rear brake, unless you like getting rambunctious cuddles under braking.
  15. When I think about it, I think I would rather ride with a pillion. How often do you hear of a bike going down with a pillion on. Far lot less than without a pillion!!
  16. Tips on carrying a pillion on a 250 bike..

    Be careful with lane splitting, if it's borderline, don't do it.. You will have very little low speed control.. It will take a lot of getting used to..

    Tell them not to adjust their arses whilst you're moving. When a pillion adjusts a bit, it changes the lean and direction of the bike = not good..

    Your girlfriend or a female is the best possible person to take. My girlfriend hugs me like I'm a teddy bear and I get other chick friends to do the same (oooh yeah). When they hug you close, they become a part of your body and do whatever your body does..

    Helmets knocking, lean forward whenever you change gears. Just a rock of the body..

    If they counterlean at all, stop the bike and tell them not to. I had a girl counterlean on me, right after I told her not to. She giggled and thought it was hilarious. She hasn't been on my bike since..

    Tell them to nod also..

    Get some sort of code if they want you to stop. Such as three bangs on the right pectoral..

    Have fun..
  17. screach my helmet and i screach your.... :wink:
  18. :LOL: