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Help with restoring Spada

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by crembz, May 30, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    So I got my learners and picked up an old spada and started riding. Slowly getting better on the road but now I'm looking at replacing a few bits on the spada which are just old or broken.

    Things I'm looking to replace/repair are:

    Fuel petcock (doesn't do anything, will drain entire tank in the on position)
    Fuel tank (dent very small)
    Paint (clear coat failing on tank)
    Handle bars (corroded)
    Headlight (broken hoping to replace with hid)
    Mirrors (scratched)
    Paint on frame failing
    Led indicators
    Led taillight
    Levers (corroded)
    Switches (faded)

    Now I'll be doing this a bit at a time, I don't want the bike off the road while I'm still learning to ride it.

    First things I want to get done are headlight, indicators and mirrors, followed by the handle bars, levers and switches.

    The petcock doesn't bother me, I just refuel every 180ks. The rest can wait.

    Any one got any tips or links to other sites where I can find parts for replacement?

    There's a bunch of stuff on eBay but not much specific to the spada. Thanks!
  2. Thanks jrh, only problem is these bikes are going to be at least 23 years old. How likely are parts off wrecks going to be any less faded, worn or corroded then mine?

    That's why I'm looking at aftermarket parts. Now I've modified every car I've ever owned, but bikes are a first for me.

    Are parts like handlebars, mirrors and levers all common fittings? Where the best places to get reasonable quality after market parts? EBay's been hit and miss for me with cars.

    From what I can see on a naked bike even indicators and headlights/taillights can be swapped out easily, meaning aftermarket replacements might be a good way to rejuvenate these old bikes no?

    Would the indicator/kill switches be compatible with any newer models such as the cb or vtr? Would swapping out the instrument cluster to a newer vtr cluster be something doable, or would aftermarket gauges be a better idea?
  3. Hi crembz, I'd arrange to spend some time at a decent bike wreckers where you can compare other bits to yours.
    Mounting points, shape and size are the only things that will really matter. Pretty much everything else can be worked around.
  4. Thanks Stever, there are a few near my area so I'll go have a look for gauges and switch clusters off other Honda's. Still keen on aftermarket where possible though and customizing a little.

    I'm thinking of ordering bar end mirrors, and twin headlights to start with, moving into either restoring the stock clip ons or again going aftermarket as well as adjustable levers. Any brands I should start away from?
  5. Sorry, not that I know of.
    Try searches on the modifications forum on the type of item you seek and see what comes up.
    You'll either get people saying 'x brand was great' or the opposite.
  6. OK sounds like it'll be a little bit of trail and error. Might start a thread and post my findings as I go, hopefully someone else will find my blunders useful :)