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Help with remembering turning off indicators

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by huzey, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. G'day all.

    So i've only been riding about 2 weeks, I've got myself a cibby, everything is fine, im happy with my skill development.

    I have one huge problem, I keep forgetting to turn off my indicators. Even when i say "indicator, indicator" over and over in my head, I just forget them.

    So does anyone have any nifty tricks or ways to help me remember my indicator?

  2. had same problem, but it will come naturally with time.. :grin:
  3. I usually press the indicator cancellor just after I've straightened up, let the clutch out after a gear change and am rolling the throttle on.
    Periodically, I give it a press, "just in case". Sometimes, I have been distracted during a cornering manoeuvre.
  4. Done that a few times myself...... a few light flashes from the farm trucks around here has almost cured me though.
  5. yeah just try to remember to hit the cancel button before shifting up after you corner...

    or pop this on... just came across it... dunno how well it would work. could get irritating
  6. Here is the PVDA semi serious technical solution.

    Wire up a buzzer so you can hear the lights flashing (might not work on a bike but it worked on my dear departed Grand Pa's XC Falcon) by connecting two diodes (cathode end) together and into a buzzer input & the anode side to the lamp lead for each side, earth the buzzer of course to complete the circuit. The diodes are required to keep the two turn circuits apart or you'll end up with a 4 way flash hazard light everytime you turn them on. If the buzzers are cheap enough you could always just fit two and not use the diodes at all.

    You might not hear it through your helmet but pedestrians will hear you coming :p
  7. i usually press the cancel just after coming out of the corner.
    but to make sure just get used to pushing the cancel without looking down. There's no harm in pushing it even when the indicators aren't on.
  8. practice.

    i still forget sometimes. i think most people i've ridden with do at some stage.
  9. problem is a CB250 doesn't have a "press" cancel - you need to move the switch to the centre, you can't just "push" it

    You'll get used to it mate, maybe go on a few rides with friends so you can have someone else there to remind you?
  10. i suggest writing 100 lines.....

    i must turn off indicator to remove cager complacency with regard to my movements to improve my road safety.

    do this twice a day for a week and it should be set in your brain...:LOL:

    good luck!
  11. Don't you look at your meters? You should see something flashing.... :LOL:
  12. everyone forgets. at least once in a while.
    U could wire up a LED and stick it on the top of ur screen or somewhere that draws ur attention.
    Only an idea though.
  13. huzey: this might help you.... when ever i practicing my slow manoeuvre u turns etc., i've been using my indicator as well. i've found that this has helped me remember to switch the indicator on/off in or out of turns.

    like edgelett n the cb250, on my bandit 250 i have to centre the switch as well. sometimes i've gone to switch it to centre and soon after realised its indicating the in other direction. i know how annoying it would be for other motorists and i always check now after i've straightened out of the corner.
    :grin: :grin: :grin: :) :) :eek: :) :shock: :grin:
  14. It is more than annoying. It is dangerous!!!
  15. Yeah, the CB can be annoying in that respect. I always had to look to reassure myelf it was in the middle and not just indicating the other way when I canceled.

    Luckily for huzey, he rides a CBR250rr which has a push button. He can simply randomly press it like an OCD and be confident his self re-assuance won't give nyone the wrong signals. :)
  16. We all still forget from time to time I try to keep my thumb on the button until after I've turned it off!
    Universal signal from other riders is an opening & closing of fist like a flashing signal! (helps if you know what they're telling you!)
  17. just keep your thumb on the switch untill u are finished cornering.

    now that we have solved that, who is agoing to help me remember to take m keys out of my bike when i go into work? twice in two weeks its happened. and the week before i left them in the underbelly lock to open up my pillion. it didnt matter leaving them in the virago or my TZR cause pffftt...it was a virago and a TZR lol. but this thing is my baby lol. heeeelp!
  18. Yeah it is annoying, but you will remember in time, also riding with a group helps as if someone sees you with your blinker on they will do the little blinker motion thingy. :)
  19. lol i just panicked cause i couldnt find my keys (werent in my jeans pocket) but i put them in my jacket *wipes sweat from brow*
  20. Breno, do you have a key / usb drive or something small needed for work? If so, you could attach that to your key?