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Help with publishing 1 or 2 books

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    I was wondering if any Netriders out there might have some knowledge of how to get books published. I am halfway through writing my first book and hope to write another down the track. The first one is a self-help book that is motorcycle related, the second book might delve deeper than just motorcycles.

    After I've finished this first book, I want to reproduce in a DVD film, any advice there would also be appreciated.

    If anyone can guide me to someone that can help me I would appreciate it, first signed copy free ;-)

  2. Hur hur hur

    Oh, sorry. Just couldn't help myself.

    You have a few options... but I have to say, often the selling (to a publisher) is a tougher task than the writing of a book. I have a self-help book on being a man that's still in the bottom drawer... But I have published a few other books, some academic and some text books.

    The traditional way is to find books similar to yours, find out who published them and then approach the publisher directly. For novels you kind of need an agent to sell it to a publisher, but you need to have already sold something to get an agent, so it's a bit Catch-22.

    The other option, and something I'm thinking about for my book, is publishing it as an e-book on the net. You can make a locked (i.e. printable but not editable) pdf version fairly easily, and set yourself up for PayPal payments fairly easily. If you can sell it for 10 bucks or so, it's a lot cheaper for the readers than paying $25 or so, but you also get the whole 10 (minus web development and hosting costs, I guess) versus maybe $2.50 in royalties if you do it through a publisher. But then also if you sell a few hundred copies that way and can prove it, it's a lot easier to interest a publisher.

    And of course, once you've sold one it's much easier to sell more...
  3. Personally, I'd avoid the POD approach (like Trafford) for getting started. It starts at about US$750-$1000, and unless you can do the marketing side of things well you'll struggle to recoup it. A publisher's job is basically to promote the book - anyone can print it.

    But YMMV, and it does work for some people, particularly if you're keen to see your book in solid form.
  4. If you need a Videographer Johnno, just ask ;)
  5. What do you mean by "POD approach"? If I paid Traffords $1000 what do I get for that?
  6. Ah I just read Print on Demand
  7. Thanks mate, I didn't even bother asking you because I knew you'd be up for it ;-)
  8. What's "YMMV"?
  9. I work at harper collins warehouse, and remember 1 day a author did a visit and talk, and some of the publishing arm of the companies people were there talking about how there side of the operation runs.
    Basically they said though alot of the times it's denied, if you know someone or have a friend in there they will look at your book without an agent, they said you'd be suprised how many books come to them through a friend of the publishers recommending or asking a favour that they have a look, so if agents etc dont work stalk and buddy up to somebody working at a publisher
  10. your mileage may vary

    seems like a great name for a book.
  11. I'm Managing Editor for a worldwide publisher (but not your field, sadly). As people have said, publishing is VERY hard to break into in Australia.

    1. Get an editor! Search for "Society of Editors" in your state. They will tell you -- very nicely -- if your work has even the faintest glimmer of getting published.

    2. Find publishers who publish similar works and enquire whether or not they will review unsolicited manuscripts. NOTE: It's considered bloody rude to submit to more than one publisher at the same time; please don't. If they say "Yes", get it in, A4, wide margins, double-spaced, CLEAN copy OR -- if they prefer -- as an electronic file. (Quite often, they will ask for a summary and a sample chapter -- make it a good'un.) If you have photos, indicate if they are yours and copyright-free -- and whether they are up to publishing standards.

    3. Get an agent if you can ... sounds easier than it actually is.

    4. If you don't want to go down that route, try a web publisher, such as: <http://www.webook.com/> You can also get heaps of advice about your writing -- but treat it all with a grain of salt!!

    5. The problem isn't so much printing as distribution! You could easily pay to print a thousand copies yourself -- but then try to sell them or get a bookseller to take them -- lots of luck!

    I'll happily read a manuscript and give you my opinion as to its "publishability" -- but I'll be brutally honest because I've seen too many people waste their time and money when they simply didn't have the talent ... and the disappointment when they're rejected is heartbreaking.
  12. Thanks Guy's, I'll be back :)
  13. stalk biwoz :LOL:
  14. This isn't true of all POD. These days you can produce a book for no upfront costs at all. If you want an ISBN and distribution through Amazon, etc., then you're looking at a bit more, maybe around US$100. The main issue here is that your cover price will be higher than trad published books. There are other ways around this, but not easy.

    However, given that you're looking at a specific niche non-fiction title, cover price is not as important as for a novel. Definitely worth checking into.

    As for the marketing, a publishing house will get behind you for about 6 weeks then you're on your own anyway. It's a hell of a lot of work, but going indie or self published, especially with niche work like this, can actually be a better approach.
  15. Wrong sort of videos Vic!

    If you need some advice on the contractual / copyright side PM me.
    I do a bit of this.
  16. I can provide images for you if you need.

    Gimmicks sells. Include 3d pop up images as much as possible.
  17. Thanks guys, I'll be in contact as I get closer to the finished product :)
  18. Give us a call if you need a hand...
    After 31 years in media I've ended up just shooting pussy flicks.. :grin: