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Help with price guide for zx2r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Heya all, I am looking at buying a bike here in Adelaide, it is a Kawasaki ZX2R and if it is still around tommorow I am going to go have a look at it, so I am after a quick response :)

    It is a 1989 model zx2r with 22,000kms not sure if it is an A or C (I am assuming that cheap means an A frame) but will find out when I give them a call tommorow. They are asking for $5,990. What are your thoughts on a bike of this age with that many K's for that price?

    Help me please :p

  2. My thoughts is spend a little extra (depending on how good you haggle) and get one of the silver ones that supposedly were new when first sold here.

    They go for 6-7k and you can get some with under 5,000kms on them.

    An 89 model for 6k is something I'd leave alone. Should be more like 4k for that age if it's in good condition.
  3. That seems to be around the price they sell for, but I have seen them for much cheaper (private sales).

    Not very good value if you ask me, but you'll probably recoup most (if not all) that money when you sell it.

    No need to worry about the milage.
  4. Silver ones? I have no idea what you are talking about. By the way it is a dealer, so there is no point haggling with those guys. The only thing they will drop the price for is if I don't get a warranty with it. But, when I buy from a dealer, i expect warranty.
    So yeah I don't know what you are talking about by silver ones. I don't plan on keeping this bike for more than more than 12-18 months, so that might also sway your advice.
  5. I paid $4300 privately for 89 model zxr250a. Needed a regulator which I didn't realise at the time which cost $120 from wreckers and the foot peg which had been welded broke and I had to replace that too. Had about 24000k's when I got it but am sure that was bs!!!

    I looked around for a while though and they seem to go for $5000-6000 but this was mostly for 92-93 model C's.

  6. I payed 5k for a zx2r (A model) with 12,000km in VGC. I say that $5,990 is over priced for that. Look around and buy privately, it will be heaps cheaper. [img:648:486:05ecb3974d]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v622/aussieguy/Picture015.jpg[/img:05ecb3974d]
  7. Bikepoint.com


    Trading Post.com

    Check out those sites and look at models ZXR250 and ZX2R

    You'll find a few of the "silver ones" for sale.
  8. dealers will come down on price, they want the sale just as much as the private person, just be determined to leave there without if they wont play ball and come to your party :)
  9. you are paying too much for a zxr250 a model. ive seen them go for alot cheaper. the zx2r C models hae one head light and 2 globes inside it. the silver ones that hond@ mentioned are australia assembled one and they should have very low kms on them. u can pick them up for around 7000.
    the 89 model that you are looking at is an import and anything that is imported to aust, the clock have been clocked back so the kms on it are not true.

    if you want a good zx2r, i am going to sell mine in 2 months time. i can say its the best looking zx2r in adelaide and goes very hard and only has 7000kms on it right now.

    good luck with your search but i dont recommend u buying that bike
  10. I am looking at buying a bike much sooner than 2 months time. As I have been looking for a while now, and I can only find 2 zx2r's for sale in adelaide currently. The closest to that is the C model frames that sumoto sell in melb, but they have had some bad reviews that I can see as far as customer service and warrnty goes.

    I wanted a bike like... Ummm yesterday. Well before that actually, but you get the idea.
  11. I drove 500km to buy my bike. I took the risk and didnt know much about it... But it turned out to be a great buy.
  12. sketchie, PM sent.
  13. this is true for a percentage of imports both cars and bikes, but i have just started importing somethings and everything i get is genuine, i have it checked against history of vehicle and rego papers etc and documented before my friend in japan will buy it :wink: unfortunately there is some real dodgy fellas out there, but low km on a bike is something i think is hard to fake, small tell tail signs like play in the levers etc that people forget about as well as the general feel of it. I rode some imports that said sub 20 thousand km on the clock yet my cbx that has 96 thousand on her feels tighter and newer! :LOL: not mine though, i have a few cars this time, possibly a few bikes next time maybe :)