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Help with poor bike ad and poor purchase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. As you can probably imagine, Netrider gets MANY emails every day. Every now and again an email arrives, that I really think they Netrider community could help out a fellow rider. This is one of those emails ...

    And, I managed to find what I'm fairly sure is the Gumtree Ad in question ...

    Does Aditya have anywhere to go with this, or is it a good example of buyer beware and ensure you do your homework before handing over the money - even a deposit ?
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  2. No idea but the bike he bought would still be worth what he paid for it at s guess.

    I feel for the poor guy.
  3. If the seller falsified details when selling it to him then he might have something to go on, but if it was just a naive buy then i think he wouldn't have much to go on.

    Same feel bad for the guy, saving your heart out to just get a lemon, would hit you hard
  4. Even that backyard looks dero but unfortunately i dont think theres anything he can do, Contesting maybe the RWC but thats got nothing to do with the previous owner, just the place that supplied the RWC.
  5. This is unfortunate for the bloke, not knowing what to look for when purchasing a bike.. so hes spent half the money as a deposit.. he could always pay the rest and then on sell the bike.. with the ducati stickers removed.
  6. He might be able to win a case in small claims. But as udlose pointed out its probably worth close to the price he paid so i dont know if i would bother to sue them.

    Maybe there needs to be a working bee organised to fix the forks.

    Not sure why he thinks that the speedo shold be in miles an hour.
  7. I've never heard of one of those before but a quick google search popped one up, new for $4990.

    There are no buyer protection laws if you buy privately (it gives the dealers the edge), so once he hands the money over it's gone for good. The only thing I thought he stood a chance with was advertising false goods, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    It's going to be a tough lesson for him but the lesson is he needed to do his research before the purchase not afterwards. Shame he didn't get onto the forums sooner rather than later.

    [EDIT] It looks like they're called Megelli's not Ducati's. So if the seller has changed the decals the kid stands a chance.

    http://www.learnerlegal.com.au/motorbikes.php <---scroll down.
  8. I want to sympathise but I have a couple of problems:
    - Aditya has internet for Gumtree and NR, but didn't at least Google the model before handing over cash? I mean, just to check the price was about right?
    - Understand it's Jason's hunch that he found the ad and I tend to agree, but there's no Ducati stickers in those pics.

    Aditya suggests they've only handed over half the cash, but has had the bike long enough to find the faults? If this is the case, I'd suggest the deal is done and it's a fair one: $2250 for a 2009 model Megelli, "as traded"...
    If on the other hand they've handed over all the cash, I'd call it a lesson learned.

    Oh and looking at the ad, there's a pic that shows "ODO 4184.4 Km/h", which might be what Aditya was alluding to with the top speed/kmh/odo talk...
  9. If he (or she) did pay $2250, that sounds like a decent enough deal for a bike that's only done 4k kilometres. I don't know what the Megelli normally sells for second hand, but it's pretty hard to get any 250 in good running and roadworthy order for less than two grand. I also didn't spot any ducati stickers in the pictures.

    At 4k, it's hard to imagine that the engine is trashed. So if the bike has trouble keeping up at freeway speeds, maybe the best way to help is for a mechanical-savy Netrider to go over there and work out what the problem is?
  10. Same thought here. A combination of google and the search word "Megelli" would have told him a lot on the first page. And $4.5k for a first bike hardly suggests a poor boy. Many of us started out on $1k bombs (for our first few bikes!). He needs to do his spending a bit more carefully. I guess it's a chance to get his hands dirty and learn some basic mechanics.

    No shame, however, in riding a piece of Brit iron (in the way that a modern Thai-umph is Brit iron) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megelli_Motorcycles
  11. if he's done a deal for $2250, thats a pretty good price. Maybe, he could sell it on further for more than that, if its only leaking seals.

    If its a 2009 model, but sold in 2010 (as one of those cheap deals) he may still have some warranty left over.
    if not, he should try and talk to the dealer. if its a know issue or if the dealer reckons it was a genuine problem that may have occured before the warranty expired, they may even try to push it thru with the company

    Edit: it may also be worth it for him to call Consumer Victoria as well?
  12. It's a chinese knock off ffs. The engine was trashed before the key was even turned the first time.
  13. Mate the guy lied to you. Why should you be honest in return?

    Get someone big and ugly to send him another email. Tell him you have a 2009 R6 that your brother has given you because he lost his license, but you are a learner and can't ride it. Ask him if he still has the 250 to swap, or if not, what else has he got.

    Scam artist will offer up either whatever he bought as a replacement, or the cash.

    Rock up at the address he gives you with 10 of the biggest looking assholes you know, with his megelli heap of shit, and I'm pretty sure he can be "convinced" to give the money or a different bike back.

    You know where he lives right? Throw a cocktail through the pricks front window, and I'm not talking about a martini. A bottle of water thrown through a window with a note attached that reads "The next one's unleaded" will do wonders for your negotiation skills. Hell you can even offer to pay for the window if you feel bad.

    Alternatively you could dress up like a ninja, and just start randomly stealing things from his yard, his letterbox, his little sisters schoolbag, whatever, for as long as it takes until you start to feel better.

    Better yet, park the heap of shit in his back yard and then report it as stolen. Call the cops and accuse him of having stolen back the bike he sold you so he can sell it again. Stick to your story, and don't tell them about the ninjas, he might give you your money back just to get you to go away.

    There is also the option that next time you may do a little bit of homework, or heaven forbid, ask netrider for help BEFORE you go and do something stupid.

    I can lend you the ninja costume.
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  14. This, and the dodgey dero house in the photos makes the think it was stolen. If the guy doesn't know the difference between a Ducati and a Megelli POS I doubt he has done a REVS check either... :-s
  15. Been riding since he was 14...

    So how'd he get to buy this bike? One assumes he would know something about bikes.!

    Live and learn I think...:-(
  16. Maybe he's been riding crappy bikes, not being interested in much else and can't tell the difference?
    I fail to feel a great deal of sympathy for the guy. He's gone and bought a bike without doing any research first, he simply took the seller's word for it. Stupid.
  17. when you get your L's, you don't want a bike tomorrow, you want one today.
    and, remember its the ****wit seller who listed it as a ducati. though i can't see them in the advert.
  18. from his name, i believe he's Indian. And, from the bikes i've seen over there, they don't compare to anything here.
    an average bike there is about 150cc-22cc and more like the VTR style bikes.
    i doubt they've even heard of megelli at all.

    on the other hand, he should have done some research as well and atleast, he can use this as a learning experience.
  19. I think you guys will find he hasn't bought it for half price (well not yet anyway) he's bought it near on the same price as a new one. He's expected to hand over the half of the cash but he doesn't want to.
  20. It's a bit ambiguous because he writes about stuff that suggests he's been riding it for a bit.

    Still I think you might be right.

    If he wants to pull out, he should go back to the guy and ask for his money back. If the guy refuses, he should point out that the Police may be interested in the guys behavior. The Police will be reluctant to intervene but the goings on here are crossing over into some of the areas of specialized fraud.

    The sellers behavior has gone beyond taking advantage of someones naivety. His actions are deliberately deceptive and that where the Police may be brought in.

    In the end, I think if the guy can get it for $2250 or there abouts he can't complain too much.