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Help with my computer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. :evil:
    So i come home go to put on some Rap Videos's

    and my download folder is corruprt or invalid.. its changed its name from Downloads!!!! to the shorter DOS version. something like Down~~1

    Anyway, i fire up my Torrent Downloader the folder name changes back to what it should be except everything i've downloaded has dissapeared...
    p0rn, Rap Vids.... etc

    I select all my items on E drive it says i've used 30 gig All my hidden items are show too, but if i view E drive from my computer it says i have used about 70 gig. Huh?
    i've restarted my computer a few times hit the refresh button...

    I've heard a little bit about the Data recovery programs.. anyone tried any of them?
  2. Sounds like a virus. Try downloading the free 'Malicious Software Removal Tool' from Microsoft.com
  3. Short answer: don't download p0rn or pirated software.
    Longer answer: since perveyors of the above don't care about moral issues, they also don't care that their sites/files/procedures may screw up your computer!
    I suggest that you rescue what you can and do a complete re-format and re-install of your OS. Before you connect to the 'Net, install Spybot and Adaware and your anti-virus software. Experience says whatever you try short of this will probably make the problem worse, not better.
  4. Sounds like the download program created a new folder called downloads, if you are lucky you might still have the other folder present. See if using the dos prompt will help.

    Try using the file search feature to look for a file name (or part of a name) that you know was in that directory.

    Check your recycle bin for the files and the dos name of the folder.

    As a last ditch effort a running scandisk might find the folder.

    Or you can try deleting the new folder and see if the old one reappears (if it does rename it) if not recover the folder out of the recycle bin and see if you get any positive result.

    This is all wild brainstorming and probably won't work though.
  5. Tried most of matt's ideas allready.. no go
    I know this directory had issues before.. its told me its invalid etc.. but it just worked later, never completely removed stuff....

    I'll get a virus scanner and create a new directory.. maybe change my Torrent Program.

    Guess ill just re download stuff i want
    Tommy Lee goes to college Episode 4, hadnt watched it yet :D

    Hey Matt232,
    What about Data Recovery programs? do they really work?
  6. Are you using bittorrent?
  7. So I'm told...there is apparently a really good Aussie one somewhere....here you go which has built up a really good international reputation in a veryu short time.

    Worth a try and much more reasonably priced than most other alternatives.
  8. One other thing you might like to do is to check to see if the drive is reaonably healthy. If you otherboard and harddrives support and have SMART enabled then the below free bit of software should give you a good idea of where you stand.


    Also check your system Log to see if there are any Disk errors, should help indicate if there is a likelyhood the disk on the way out. If so, backup everything and hassle the manufacturer or place of purchase for a replacement under warruntee (hope you kept the reciept).
  9. Im grabbing Torrents using ABC
  10. But isn't that what the Internet is for? :LOL:
  11.  Top
  12. Yep, that and that only
  13. ah, youth, whatever happened to reading Playboy for free at the local newsagency?.........
  14. u cant touch yourself there... duh
  15. ROFL
  16. I remember a line from the TV show Scrubs which went something like:
    "If we remove all the p0rn sites from the 'net the only site left would be
  17. I presume you realise that that is a functioning p0rn site.

    Not safe for work, and all that.
  18. Long answer. Get a life. Go for a ride.
  19. No didn't realise, (have deleted the www bit so it's no longer a link). Still kinda proves the point about the majority of the 'net being p0rn though.
  20. How can that be the long answer, you used less characters :LOL: :p