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help with muscular skeletal diagnosis

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. g'day,

    my twin was born with her head tilted to one side [i think some idiot pushed her about in the tum] and she had physio as a bub for 6 weeks.

    fast forward 30 years and she gets a typing injury thats so bad she has to quit her town planning position.

    6 years later she still cannot work or drive. she now had a ''twisted spine" and "tilted pelvis".

    when she was 8 she had a chest xray for ashma and her spine was a slight s shape. no one picked up on it then.

    she reckons that her tilted head caused, curved spine, caused, hand problem [typing too].

    the pelvis would either be from the spine or maybe one foot is longer than the other.

    she says that her mis-shapped bones, caused miss-shapped muscle, which caused further problems with her further miss-shapen bones.

    she cant sit much, only stand and lay down.

    i dont see her very often, but the 2nd last time she was in syd i could hear her bones click in places they just dont click.

    i get similar sound [nothing that could wake up a wolf tho] in the mid of my femur and im told its muscle but i think its my bone flexing due to injury [<-long ex reg there]


    she's not getting any better and she's not seeing prof drs [i understand, too many bad exp]

    my father heard of a virus that can cause symptoms that hasnt been named yet. [i couldnt find anything other than polio]

    does anyone have any idea or similar story? doesnt matter if you dont know for sure, this isnt about right or wrong, i just need some ideas please. include your reason for your comments if you can please.

    she says its scoliossis.

    i think she's right. i think there may be nothing better for her than the rolfing sessions shes doing....which is all she's doing.

    i think its common to have back problems that cant be fixed.

    what do you guys think?

    i really appreciate any help you can offer.

  2. I think that as I'm not a doctor, it's best if I don't provide medical advice :)

    seriously - i'd talk to a muscular expert.
  3. good idea edge, thing is, we dont know what kind of expert we should be seeing. im asking for any personal exp here [which can be much better than a dr too :wink:]

    neurologis etc

    she wont go to one her self.

    we are just checking it out to make sure its nothing serious and is what she says it is.

    my parents are worried and i hate seeing em like this. im trying to put them at ease cause they irritate my sister with it all [fair enough]. thing is, im not going to say

    it is what she says it is

    without making sure first.

    im looking up other possibilities, then ill go chat to a dr, then i will get her to go if theres good reason for her to.

    cheers :cool:
  4. Whoa, sorry to hear that... I believe that it'd be scoliosis (sp?) as well. & I do also believe that there are just some things that can't be fixed, necessarily, but that can be made a hell of a lot better with physical therapy. I hear good things about rolfing.. has she seen chiros & physios too before? (I assume so, but am asking the question anyway.. no assumptions! :) )

    One thing that recently caught my attention in a big way is acupressure/acupuncture. I've been doing some basic courses in acupressure and have been to a couple of seminars taken by Brian McLaren. He outlined the science behind acupuncture/acupressure/acutherapy & how it works, in Western medical terms. I've also had some acupressure work done myself, mainly to deal with some chronic back pain that I have (herniated disk as well as having a back that's _too_ straight) and it helped heaps. (I'm not having it done anymore & I've noticed a backwards return to more niggling pain like before I was having treatment.)

    I can't stand needles, but there are acupressurists (using the acu-points, but no needles) out there, and also people who use photonic therapy (developed by the above Brian McLaren). There are people who are going say that it (either/both acutherapy and photonic therapy) is rubbish, but mate, if it works for someone, it works for them.. what more can a person want than something that helps them? :)

    So that's my 2 cents. Dunno if it helps at all... but if she's willing to see an acutherapist, I think that'd help (along side her exsiting treatment) in at least giving her a higher quality of life, if not 'fixing' any/some/all of the root causes. (definitely find someone with high recommendations though, like any other specialists there are good & average ones out there :) )

    Keen to hear what other people say too, these issues interest me a lot.

    (ps. I realise that I got the gist of the original post wrong, but hey, if anything clicks a spark that might just help.. :) )
  5. Stump!!!! NOBODY on this forum can help you "make sure its nothing serious" or help you determine "if there's a good reason" for her to go a doctor. Even if there are people of the medical profession that frequent the forum, without an examination and discussion with your sister herself, a diagnosis can't be done. Self diagnosis via internet medical sites is bad enough, but to get a diagnosis from a bunch of people on a motorbike forum?

    Get her to go to a GP who will then refer her to a specialist. If she's been unable to work for the last 6 years because of the condition - she needs to see a specialist!!!

    I understand you have had problems with a number of medicos, and I don't know what your sister has experienced - and I can certainly appreciate your distaste for them given your experience - but don't tar them all with the same brush - there are good and bad ones just like any other profession. The best thing is to get a recommendation of a good specialist that someone has used and get a referral from your GP to them.

    And yes I'm of a biased opinion being the son of a doctor and a nurse - and I've had the benefit over the years of my father being able to recommend good doctors and who I should avoid like the plague, but there will be people about who will be able to recommend someone trustworthy and good at his job. :)
  6. Stump, Bluesuede is right. Get her to a GP and get a referral to a specialist. :)
  7. Tis scoliosis and yes see a specialist asap
  8. Get her to a GP and see if she can get referred to an osteopath (or chiro if you know a good one) so that Medicare pays for a certain number of treatments. The osteo I work with here in Vic gets some patients that way. If the GP sends her to a more mainstream specialist, I'd get a 2nd opinion from an osteo. Often the specialists will jump straight into surgery when there are other options about. The osteo should be able to say what the chances are, and after how many sessions she should be feeling a difference. So then if there was no real gain she can go the surgery/? approach.

    Just bare in mind that most GPs seem to know surprisingly little about getting muscle and skeletal problems fixed, so push them for a referral or your sis might just get pain meds :roll: ...although sounds like she might be obviously bad enough that they wouldn't do that.
  9. As previously mentioned - for a diagnosis your sister needs to see a specialist.

    It sounds to me like scoliosis. If it is diagnosed as this. There isn't much she can do except maintenance so that it doesn't get worse. She would benefit from either regular massage plus either physio/osteo/accupuncture. Regular exercise such as swimming/yoga/cycling/strength work would be good for her. Definately no running - though I'm sure she wouldn't like to anyway. Her leg length discrepancy may be from unbalanced muscles or sacro-iliac dysfunction. This can be improved through various means.

    She can be diagnosed from xrays if she has any. Most physical therapists can pick it a mile away - but best to be sure - so see a specialist.

    Wish her luck Stump. And remind her that there is alot she can do for herself :grin:

  10. This may be useless, but a good friend of mine has Scoliosis, her parents were told she would never walk when she was still a baby, she's 26 now and walking fine, not cured by any means and still has lots of pain but what has helped her is yoga!
    She does it about an hour a day, every day and if she keeps it up she leads a reasonalby pain free life - not bad for someone who was supposed to be crippled!
  11. +1 from me. Surgery may be the last thing she needs. Often these things can be managed without it. And yes to Pinkxie's comment about some Doctors knowing very little about muscular/skeletal dysfunction - sad but true!
  12. I've had back and muscle issues for years. Trouble i've had, is the GP's i've seen don't seem to have any idea what specialist to refer me to.

    They usually try to prescribe some pain medication, even though i've had said problems for years... Yay treat the symptoms. (I can deal with them anyway)

    That being said i've mostly frequented busy medical centres where the docs mainly deal with people trying to get a day off work. So it's pressure to get people through quickly, and most of them just need a medical cert. So the blame isn't on GP's, so much as myself being lazy.

    Best advice in regards to a specialist i've had, is a rheumatologist. They were looking at the possibility of me having AS (Ankylosing spondulitis?? spelling) which is a spinal disorder.

    I'm no expert, but might be a place to start. Chiros and physios won't do much good for an ongoing issue like that. Needs to be diagnosed first.

    BTW; I've had many X-rays, a full bone scan and so on. So far no diagnosis...
  13. I would be heading down to the nearest teaching/university hospital and ask if any of the resident specialists in skeletal and muscular problems is able to have a look.
    Forget the GP/referal/referal/referral/referral $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ runaround.
    No point trolling the net for a name for it either, whatever it is will need specialist help, and if this is not welcomed, not much can be done.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. mrx78u & andrew, ure the GREATEST! thanks! thats just what i was after!

    thanks for all your advice guys, much appreciated!

    yoga ay? sounds like a good idea, been meaning to try it myself.

    bluesuade, thanks for your dr tip
    i had no idea! :shock:

    i thougt they were all bad and my survival was based on previous 10 years of ciggarettes and borbourn :LOL:

    twas i good, true post bluesuade, i just chopped it ta bits!

    now you keep smoking!
  15. D Stump,
    am looking at some time of treatment for my wiplash injury via normal medical means,
    but I think I will go and see my usual guy,
    is a tree hugging hippy, buddist meditation, type guy,
    spends 4 weeks in a temple in tibet every year,
    last injury I had, 6 months physio, was ok not great,
    my sister sent me to Eion, hippy guy,
    2 sessions,
    til my spill down the road.
    Will go and see this guy again.
    So the sugestion,
    Seek alternative theropy,
    Accupunture and accupressure is good.

    The body is a great and strange thing,
    and some people can heal it easily.

  16. Twins - aren't we great!!!! I stole all the food, and my twin was a pound lighter when we were born!!! I've got three kids, twins included, and my twin has fertility problems!! She stole all the calcium and I have crappy teeth!! Ah, the things we can blame our twins for!!

    D Stump, the most important thing is that you are there for your twin, you're looking out for her in a way no-one but another twin will understand...

    I wish you both luck and a speedy resolution :)
  17. thanks carol

    bloody oath!

    my twin got my teeths needs also! thank goodness there wasnt more of us in there :LOL:

    she got me back for kicking her neck over by wrapping the chord around my neck, i was a blue baby.

    she was born with a heart murmer so i must av been kicking pretty hard, the poor thing had to do something.

    my father is a twin and they say that non identical twins run down the line. i dont know much about the cloned type tho.

    very very true. she has a pretty bad way of explaining her situation. she says about 2 pages of words for what can be said in one sentance so some drs think shes faking it which was very tough for her.

    i only just found out last night that when she had an mri 2 years ago [suspected shoulder prob] she insisted on lumber being done cause she suspected the prob might be there.

    the dr agreed and when she inquired about the lumber he said everything was fine.

    she only just found out he never did the lumber and lied to her. all this time she thought her lumber was ruled out as a problem.

    cheers :cool:
  18. If in Sydney, your nearest (to Lane Cove) teaching hospital I think is RPA.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Stump.

    Most of the women in my family have mild scoliosis. It affects mainly women and it goes through its most severe changes between the ages of 14 and 27. My daughter is 16 and has her spine measured regularly.
    I understand your sisters unwillingness to see specialists as i have an aversion to them myself., however i wouldnt recomend self diagnosis.

    Although fortunatly mine and my daughters scoliosis is mild it does cause a lot of discomfort from carrying my body in a compensating manner. (Sometime i get complains that as a pillion i sit crooked..but i cant tell ;))
    Pilaties and a low GI diet are my key to keeping on top of things. Magnesium suppliments also help to keep muscular strength.

    I have younger sisters that are twins. They are beutifull. I wish i had one.

    Good luck girls.
  20. thanks heaps kat

    which one? good one or an evil one?

    the bad thing about having a good one is that you must be the evil one :twisted:

    but then, some like to be evil :twisted: :cool: :twisted: :cool: :twisted: