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Help with motorcycle boots cos my sneakers didn't work.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by drewzor, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. I've had my first down, a silly mistake really and the only injury I suffered was my foot and ankle.

    I would like to hear what people have to say about their boots, your recommendations and what to look out for.

  2. Get to a shop and try some on. The cheapies offer OK protection, if they say waterproof - make sure you can take them back if not.

    Have just bought some Gaerne ones, comfortable and waterproof but not that cheap at $270 (after 10% off)
  3. im a bit dissapointed with my Oxtars (now TCS) havent lasted anywhere near as long as i would have hoped.

    get something that looks durable. i got them thinking i could wear them all day, but there is really no boot that you can do that with comfortably (some you can get by with)

    so id personally reccomend something sturdy that looks like it will last

  4. I have had two pairs of these boots, first were great lasted 2 years of everyday wear and weekend rides, and were waterproof for most of it, my second pair have been a dud had for just over a 1year, with same wear :cry: they leak, zip is almost farked and a little stitching is coming away new the velcro...... in saying that both have been very comfy and i would still buy another pair, cos i am sure i my second set set are probably kust a one of friday afternoon set :(

    But, go have a look the more you spend the more features the boot will probably have :)
  5. For long wearing (and wearable) boots, the best I have personal experience of have been from BMW. Not flashy though.
    Decent range of styles. Pricing from 'that's OK' to 'f%^& off!".

    You need ankle protection first and foremost. After that, toe, shin and a shank in the sole is all good.
  6. rjays have a nice range depending on what you need in regards to wearing them around afterwards.

    If you can swap shoes once you are at your destination, you will be much better off with a proper boot as it will offer much more protection.


    i use a tour AM, its comfy and you can walk around in it if you have to, but probably wouldnt want to.
  7. I have a pair of A* SMX4 - I quite often wander around all day in them - Just as comfy (if not more) as any other pair of shoes I'd be wearing at work
  8. anything is more comfy than 8inch pink heels holly :grin:
  9. PINK!!!?? PINK!!?
  10. ok black. not that the colour really affects the comfort as far as im aware.....i only have 1 set of heels lol
  11. How do you look in liquid latex? (now that Tim backed out)


    So yeah... MC boots
  12. not as good as you do holly :wink:


    they have boots for motorcycles?
  13. Same here. I love these boots, although they sound like i step on a bunch in mice everytime i put my foot down.
  14. Yeah ... whadda wuss! :roll:
  15. They didn't seem to fit my foot shape and the zip stuck into me :? [Edit]Actually just realised I tried on the SMXR, not the SMX4[/Edit]

    I chose the Sidi Vertigos in the end...found them heaps more comfy fit for me and solidly built (even though they were $475 :shock: )

    But it's such personal preference that once you pick the features you want try them on for fit, comfort and build quality I reckon.
  16. I had a pair of Gaerne that were about $270 (after 10% off). They're a good boot.

    I now have a pair of A* SMX-4 and they are more comfortable but are also the next step up in the price scale. They were about $370 from memory but a bit better can be achieved if you want to shop around.

    Personally, I didn't like the level of protection offered by boots less than around the high $200s so don't look at anything less. I'm sure some will disagree and some will agree with me. Its up to you with what you're comfortable spending.
  17. +1. Despite the fact you can be a dick Drewzor, I feel for you. I know how it feels to come off and hurt the foot and ankle. I was wearing my A*SMX-4's at the time and it still did a lot of damage. Having said that, if I'd been in sneakers my foot would have been sheared off.

    All the best ;)
  18. rossi boots are awesome imo

    first thing I did was buy these boots, I'm a bit a safety first kind of guy. They are hard as hell but with use they've become extremely comfortable. This boot isn't about looks, it's about protection and that's why I got them.

    Check the range here, I wear the 811 Vision and really recommend them.
    rossi bike boot range
  19. So why do we not use steel cappers?

    I see some people out there that just use laced work boots and to be honest that doesn't seem to be such a bad idea?
  20. Just make sure you tuck in the laces, they become a danger particularly the long boot laces can get wrapped around gear levers or brake levers or foot pegs. Oh and tuck in your pants (only when riding) lost a lot of money with that mistake, tryed to put my foot down when stopped and got my pants leg caught on the peg and everything went over :(.