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help with leather jacket size

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MonkeyMagic, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all..

    I am buying my first jacket, I have tried on various brands (a*, spyke, rst, shift, dainese etc) and need some help.

    I had a salesman comment that I was fairly slender and would be a size 46 - 44, atleast. That being, the only brand in 44 size is Dainese (apparently?).

    I was planning on spending $500, but the Dainese one is about $1100.

    Is it necessary that a jacket be tight as around the front? My problem is that larger sizes fit nice expect they "bunch" up around my chest when i crouch or sit on the bike. The Dainese 44 was tight as around the chest, but short in the arms and a bit above the hip. Is this normal?

    Sucks being odd! I need to pump some iron.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Ive got the slender build myself, dont go past looking at the different brands styles. So all the styles they have to offer are worth trying on.
    The jacket may run a little short at the back but when you sit on a bike it should sit about right with the top of your pants, without so much bunching at the front, you may get a little if your seating position is more upright but in general your upper body doesnt bend that much.
    Good luck with it :grin:
  3. with leather it's good to get it as tight as possible without being overly uncomfortable... as over a few months the leather will stretch a little and loosen up. I've been wearing my SHIFT jacket regularly for the last 3 months and has loosened up quite a bit across the chest but still quite stiff in the arms. I have a size S and there is still one size smaller XS in the SHIFT range, I'm 5'6 and 70 kg so not the fattest bastid in town.
  4. Sounds like the $alesman is just trying to make a $ale.

    As suggested, try different styles & brands as each varies in their sizing as do their styles and there are heaps to choose from so you should be able to find one or more that suit you.

    In general, its preferable for a jacket to be firm yet comfortable fit, long enough to sufficiently cover your arms and back, as well as the armour sitting in the correct areas without too much movement. Anything that bags, folds, creeps or moves will most likely do the same in an off and sacrifice protection.
  5. hi, some of the honda dealers have accessory sales over the next few days.
    jeffrey honda, redwing honda, metro honda, freestyle honda
  6. Always buy your gear to comfortably fit your largest proportion,paying particular attntion to arm and leg length. Anyting else can be altered. It always easier to take some out than to put some in :grin:
  7. Why not look at the IXON brand of leather jackets? IXON is a French brand and their leather jackets are around the $500-650 dollar market, a lot cheaper than Dainese or Alpinestar
  8. Another suggestion would be to get one made to measure.

    I am a large lady around the hips and butt but smaller across the shoulders.(yep I am odd) I went to Tigerangel in North Melbourne and they made me two great jackets.

    They also do leathers and this might be another option for you.
  9. u want it a bit too tight at first as it will stretch quite a lot & u dont want it 2 b 2 loose as it will ride up in a crash when ur skiddin along the ground!when i bought my dainese vale jacket it was a size 2 small now it fits perfect!
  10. I must agree with FudKnuckle. If the salesman is talking you into a higher price range, you should really consider Tiger Angel in North Melbourne. The staff are really friendly and helpful (although often run off their feet a bit ....) and their jackets are GREAT. A tailored jacket will cost about $700-$800. If you are in a rider's club, ask about a discount. It won't be much, but it will be better than a poke in the eye ....

    Even if you find another jacket somewhere else, it is worth it to get an idea of what your hard-earned $$ can buy. I shopped for 6 months before ending back there - the first place I looked.

    Although I needed a bloke's jacket, I kept an eye out for a women's jacket for the "other half" at every shop I went to. Tiger Angel had the best stuff for both, IMHO. The women's jackets looked hot! Hehehehe ....
  11. Check this out
    They cater for custom made jackets, suits, etcn Not a bad price ehtier, this is where i'll be geting my next set of leathers from
  12. I too am small and slender. I purchased a Dainese Santa Monica perforated jacket with a G2 back protector. I bought it overseas as they don't bring this one into the country. It is a size 44. This one is marginally longer than the standard short Dainese jackets (probably by 1/2 inch). Take your body measurements and send it to bimoto.be and they can put it through their system and get the correct fit for you. Mine came in at a total of around $900 landed in the country. If the local Australian distributor brought it in it would have retailed somewhere around $1,200 for what I got. Correct fit is important for comfort and safety. All jackets fit differently. A* just didn"t have anything small enough in their range for me.
  13. Have ya tried the Joe Rocket range ?

    I have 1 from the Blaster range very good jacket and quility and well priced. Would be surprised if you couldnt find 1 in your range price and fitment.

    Salesman has probly a montly target to meet and needs sales if he is pushen ya in that price range of a jacket.

    Theres a company up here in Brisbane storm leathers they do custom made jackets. Might be an option for you

  14. Coincidence!!

    I'm sending my QLD based brother-in-law over to Storm's to try on some leathers for me, as he's my build and height.

    Spent half the day looking for stuff and here it was all along!!
  15. From what I've heard they do good work and the quility is TIP TOP.

    will most probly go to them for my race suit as im a weird shape meself :LOL:
  16. Be aware that most leather jackets are sized in a HORRENDOUSLY confusing manner :evil:

    There are two common sizing systems in use, one ranges from about 42-54 (UK), the other 52-64(Europe), for Small-Xtralarge.

    IF you look at the tag on some RST (UK) jackets, it shows the size in BOTH systems (eg a medium is labelled as 44-UK / 54-Europe ).

    Also you should be aware that different brands have different sleeve length and body length for the same width.

    That's why you gotta try it on.
  17. You all DO know that Storm leathers import their range from this Pakistani manufaturer, right.

  18. I heard Collins leathers are good and cheap too in your price range.