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Help with LAMS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jupiter, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. I had a look at http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/motorcycleridertrainingscheme/motorcyclesnoviceriders.html

    I am a new rider who just got my L's and only want to ride a scooter. Anyway, I have seen this Piaggo Fly (125 cc) but I dont see it or very many other scooters (eg 2009 makes) on the LAMS so I am really confused.

    Just one other quick point. I have been looking online at helmets. I only intend to ride locally, shops etc. I have seen on the net helmets for $129 or $299 from companies like Rjay or others. I will have a look and see if they are AS1698 approved but do you need to spend like $700 on a helmet ?

    Sorry if the above seem very basic but I am a total L with all of this.

  2. Theres two parts to the LAMS list. The long list contains the bikes you can ride on your Ls that are over 250cc. Anything 250cc or under is fine to ride provided that it isn't on the short list.

    If you're looking at a 125cc scoot, I'd hedge a bet that you'd be fine.
  3. You shouldn't have any problems riding any scooter on your L's in VIC & NSW. If unsure go to your local rta or local bike shop or training school and ask them.

    Most helmets in bike shops in AU will be AS1698 approved. No you don't need a $700 helmet and nor should you get a very cheap one. Somewhere in the middle should be fine. I bought a nice HJC one for $350. Good luck and hope it all works out.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I should have mentioned that I was in NSW. When I did the training the instructor mentioned about somebody that turned up with a new bike they bought which they couldnt ride as it wasnt LAMS approved.

    My intention is to rent a bike for a couple of days and slowly ride around and see if "its for me". I think out on the road will be a lot different to the very small prelearner track and that scares me a bit.

    I suppose its like anything, the more you do it then the confidence and hopefully skills develop. I still feel a bit shaky on curves, but anyway I will take it very slowly at first.

  5. Renting a bike for a few days sounds like a good idea that way you can determine whether you would rather have a bike or a scooter.

    I'm in the same situation as you and when going to pickup my first bike this weekend I am getting my brother to ride it back home and follow me in the car then I will slowly start riding in my immediate surrounding area.

    Don't be scared just do it and I'm sure things will work out.
  6. No definately a scooter, I saw some guys really struggle with the manual bikes at prelearner. Besides I am a simple person who wouldnt be that coordinated as to all the things you need to remember on a manual bike.

    Hey, good luck to you and I hope it all goes really well.

  7. Thanks Jupiter you too.
  8. In both Victoria and NSW there are no scooters that are not LAMS approved. As was said earlier, everything under 250cc (bike or scooter) is automatically approved except for those few high performance bikes on the exemption list.

    All of the over 250cc scooters right up to the Suzuki Burgman should be currently OK for LAMS.