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Help with Internet connection queries

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. I don't currently have an interconnection at home.
    If I want to set up wireless Internet at home with a router / modem do I need a PC or Laptop ?
    Can it be done via an iPad ?
    Basically I want to run iPhones and iPads from the service.
    If I need a computer can anyone recommend a cheap reliable one ?
    It would only be used for surfing the net, using MS Office programs. No gaming or anything like that.
    Thanks in advance.
    Oh an while I am not a complete tech numpty, keep it simple please !


  2. Might need a little more info. Do you not currently have an internet connection, or is it just that you don't have wifi hooked up to your current internet connection?

    If you get a DSL connection to your home, you'll need an ADSL router. Most ADSL routers these days have wireless access points built in.

    If you get an ADSL router with a wireless access point, all you'll need to do is plug a phone line into the router, and (with a little bit of configuration), you'll be able to create a wireless access point that all of your iDevices can connect to. No PC needed.
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    no pc/laptop required to run a wireless internet router, so no problem just running iPhones or ipads via wifi

    only time you might need a pc/laptop is if you call tech support if something goes wrong with the line as they require a pc hooked up to the router via a network cable
  4. @gundy - read my first sentence hahaha
    But thanks for the info !
  5. Cheers @goz !
    I reckon I might be leaned on to buy a pc.
    Any suggestions as per my first post ?
  6. what's your budget? probably better off with a laptop if you'll be using the ipad and iPhone more often
  7. Looks the goods. My current laptop should have packed it in 4 years ago. It is dying a horrible death.

    This is the kind of price range I am after too as it isn't going to be used that much compared to the iPad / iPhones etc
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  8. Mick; I was just a little surprised that you're able to use NR, but don't have an internet connection is all.

    If you're currently just using a phone (ie 3g or 4g) for internet access, another option might be to use the phone to create wifi hotspot for the other devices - some of the newer phones are capable of doing this. Just a thought.
  9. I'm clever ay.
    Haha confusion understood.
    I access NR via Tapatalk via my iPhone and have done so for almost a year.
    I have used the 'hotspot' method a few times but it really churns through my available data.
    That's why i am thinking of finally hooking up the net.
    Just need to see if it can get cable or down the phone line.
    I have Foxtel but that's satellite. ( do you think the CIA can read my mind that way?)
  10. fox sat means u dont have cable so looks like adsl for you, u do have a home phone ye?
  11. I record most program's on IQ and fast forward through the adverts. Does Foxtel cable not get ads ? I went with satellite as it was already there when I moved in.

    Ahhhh Houston we have a problem. That's a major negatory on the home phone.
  12. lol you do have a problem, need a home phone for adsl lol, your wires out on the street, are they underground or pole to pole?
  13. So with Foxtel being satellite would mean no chance of cable yeah ?
    We have wires on poles nothing underground
  14. There probably is a phone line to the property though unless no one who has lived there as ever had the phone. I didn't think you actually needed to pay for a monthly phone line for adsl. Just needed the line connected.
  15. Yes, this is correct. It's called "naked ADSL" (or used to be when we had it) and costs slightly more than plain ADSL because there's an extra charge that your ISP pays Telstra for the upkeep on the copper phone lines (it's an expensive business, letting those wires rot until the NBN rollout is finished). You may find these days that it's a similar cost to get a phone+ADSL bundle with the same provider.
  16. No wonder I seem not to have a clue. I read 'adsl' as 'ads' ....bloody idiot I am
    Sorry @goz
    Anyway ok back to making sense.

    Ummm @Aly yes there has been a phone line to the property previously
  17. Cool cool gives me something to check out
    Having a home phone might be fun again tormenting telemarketers.

    I will check out the naked Adsl.
    Do they have a version with fairings? Haha

    Cheers !