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Help with insurance for a learner.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RavenWolfe, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Hi all, :)
    It’s been a while since I posted on the site, busy with uni & job hunting. (And still haven’t managed to catch up for one of the coffee nights. :oops: ) Passed my Learners & am now legally allowed on the road. (That's what the little piece of plastic in my wallet states. :shock: –oh no-) And have finally saved most of my money up to be able to afford my first bike… If all goes well, I’ll have a lil’ Kawa ZZR250 by the end of the week, in a fortnight at the worst… (Unfortunately it is purple, no black ones in my price range, but I figure that it’s my first bike & is only going to last me until I’m off my 250 restrictions. Hey, I’m a girl, I need to complain about something! :p )
    Now before I get into *trouble* for posting this, I am sure that there have been a few queries about the same topic, but sifting through all the old posts, even with the search function, would take ages. So I figured that I’d just ask. I need to help with getting the bike insured.
    I’ve never owned or driven a car, so all this insurance is new to me. Who is the best company to go through? How much does it usually cost for being a learner? I really not sure what I need as far as being insured goes, so anyone with any advice that they are happy to pass on would be greatly appreciated. :)
    Hope all have been okay & no one has been seriously hurt since I was last on.

  2. QBE is a popular choice, RACV are also used by a lot of people (they are a bit more exxy than QBE but offer pay by the month if that is a factor).
  3. Insurance is going to hurt on your L's (a lot). Try QBE, have a good chat with them and find out what options you have for reducing the premium (eg. higher excess, lower agreed value, named rider policy, garaging etc.). Unfortunatly as you don't have a car rating you will be paying quite high premiums for the next few years and especially so if you step up to a sports 600.
  4. on this topic..

    what if your a car driver getting L's?

    say driving and insuring a car for 10 years and now gets a bike. Do we all get smacked with big bad premiums?
  5. youe could always just insure it 3rd party...

    doesn't give you much if it's written off but at least your covered far damage you may happen to cause.
  6. Ring all the insurance companies to get a quote. They will all be different for everyone. The only way to make sure you get the best deal is to ask the companies themselves. Being a learner and never having had a car licence it's gonna sting. Probably over $1k for full comp insurance.

    If you've been driving a car, most companies take that into account when working out your premiums.

    You want expensive insurance, try being a courier and having full comp. $1500. :eek:
  7. Many bike insurers default you to the highest rating as a bike learner regardless of your car record, age or experience. Seems to be a bit of an industry standard (or collusion). In some regards, fair enough, a learner rider with 10 years driving experience is still in the very high risk group.
    Most bike companies will then take your car rating into consideration as soon as you get your full licence or come off restrictions. Take your business elsewhere if they dont!
  8. just call every insurance company and ask for a qoute, most will post it out aswell, but if yo uare anything like myself, i spent about 4 hrs the first time i got insurance, called everyone, then call back the cheapest company who would give me the best rating and lowest premium, although now i try to go with more reliable companys as the cheapest don't always pay up.... but no matter which company you go with, you will meet someone who has had a bad experience with them.

    Cheers Stewy
  9. Hmmmm I take it that I'll be paying a fortune being a Learner without a car rating...... Oh joy... :roll:
    Seems like I'll be spending the next few hours ringing up company's trying to figure out what I need.... QBE, RACV, Star Insurance and the list goes on & on & on... -sigh- (But now I'll have something new to complain about. :p )
    Thanks for your input RX1200R, Ashes, Drew, Chris & Stewy. I can see these next few hours are going to be fun...
    I'll get back later & tell how I've gone & what I have found out (or haven't) found out.
    Have a great day all! :)
  10. I'm with QBE and I haven't had comprehensive insurance before this (only cause I haven't owned anything worth having it on) so my rating was a bit ....rough. But I can tell you that from my experience QBE was the cheapest from all that I contacted and half the price of RACV! But as your situation is a little different the price may not vary as greatly.

    Good luck with it all and safe riding,

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  11. Just as a reference, as a car driver I'm rating 1 with AAMI with over 15 years experience.
    I've just got my bike L's but no bike yet, but thought I would ring for an insurance cost estimation.
    With AAMI for say a $4000 bike they suggested an insurance premium of $350 starting at the lowest rating.
    Not sure how that compares with QBE or others.
  12. Well, I did the ring around to a few small companies first, one of which snidely told me to insure the bike through the dealership that I purchased the bike through, I obviously was not worth talking to as I wasn’t trying to insure a cage… :x Then rang around to the 3 bigger companies. QBE, AIMEE & RACV.
    QBE was the cheapest at $487 for full coverage; AIMEE surprising came in second with $512 for full coverage & the good ol’ RACV came in the rear at a whopping $1223.71 for full coverage. (I’m curious what the .71 cents is for… Pressing the enter key after they type in your information…?) They also asked about a criminal record which I thought was odd, I can understand asking about accidents etc… but criminal charges….? Does having a criminal record make the price go up?
    I’m thinking of going through QBE as it appears to be the choice of most of the riders that I’ve spoken to. However, AIMEE seems to be worth considering…:?
    :) Thanks to Firestorm & Inxs for their input.
    :) And thanks for everyone for their advice.
  13. most insurance companies will not insure you if you have done something in the last 5 years which would increase insurance premiums and/or cost them money. These include things like arson, B&E, insurance fraud, car theft etc etc.
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  15. :D Thanks SickBoy. So that's why they ask whether you've committed an offence in the last 5-10 years....

    :D Thanks Cats, thanks for the link I'll look it to that as well. But does the girl you know drive? I don't drive & have never had a car license.
  16. yes she drives ................ but a learner is a learner
  17. Hmmmm Okay. Well, I've just put in a Quote & I'll probably call them tomorrow as well. But if it's cheaper than QBE, then it's a link that's much appreciated! :D
  18. their the cheapist at the moment ..... very good ... however get a quote and then call western underwriters ... thay have a special going ... we beat any quote ... i tried it last week and saved $ 70.00 ... so thats worth a try too
    good luck
  19. Okay... Western Underwriters... <jotting down>
    Yes, QBE has a "We'll beat any quote" going at the moment too, must be that time of the year.... (IT is that time of the year! :) )
    Lets see how the quotes go in the morning.
    Thanks again Cats! :)
  20. Dosent give you anything if the bikes written off