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Help with husky speeds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RidleyRider, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Hi. I'm fairly new to this motorbike thing. I love it. I have an 07 te450 husky. I'm pretty sure it does not have stock rear wheel and sprockets. I have it as 15/50 with a 17in wheel. I'm pretty sure I seen stock was different. Anyways. My question relates to its top speed. I used gearing commander dot com and inputted 15/50 17in. It said that my top speed at 13000 revs would be 188kmh. I can tell you now that it's max I had it at was 130 and the only reason I slowed down was because the was maxing. It was at the top end I'm sure of it. 6th gear and revving the duck out of the Kent. Can anyone explain what I'm missing. Thanks

  2. What you have is when it was built a bike that was designed to win a gold medal in the 6 day. Just like my 05 TE 250 Husky. They come with a close ratio 6 speed gear box so they blast through the gears including 6th realy fast maximising acceleration. That makes for a HUGE problem with them as a trailbike for road bike. I one exited from The Watagans on the wrong road, 40ks from my car and trailer. The road back was The Huey Huey Rd and its 100kph. I ended up riding in the dirt off to the side as with std gearing I was revving the nuts off it at 100. The 450s and 510 with pull higher gearing than the 250. Up its final gearing and it wont get up BIG hills in 1st. There has been talk on various US websites about making a separate higher 6th gear but that's splitting the case and very expensive, don't think it happened.BTW I hove you have some mechanical sympathy for it and don't blow the crap out of it with lots of over reving, love my Huskys. Sounds like its got a Super Motard wheel set up. Stand should be 21inch from and 18 inch rear with dirt tyres, check out Supermotard Dot com for lots of Husky Motad stuff. Do LOTS of oil changes