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help with helemts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ezzagood, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. hi
    i have a vtr250 red 2009.. a nice red to anyway i am trying to find a helmet in red to match and not having much joy ... any idea on how i can get a helmet to match ??
    thanks in advance
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  2. whereabouts are you, city?

    have a look at the sparX Torino in red... or the sparX Shield is also avail in red.
    good helmets, great price... 100-130 bucks depending on graphics and where you buy.
    i have one for a second helmet/ pillion helmet... interior is neutral/oval,..it's comfy, quiet, full interior comes out for washing, shield has a perfect and tight seal.
    i looked at a few helmets in the 300-400 price range... and the sparX was better than all of them,.. i shit you not, try any helmet under 400 bucks on...and then try the sparX on... it's a ****ing bargain.
    only critiscism i have of it is visor distortion... not so great.. some might be better than others, so inspect closely
  3. Re: Help with helmets

    maybe spray the bike the same colour as the lid you buy

    odd question mate have you looked at shops on the interwebs to find one?
  4. Although nice to have matching colours, there are probably more important things to consider when finding a helmet...
  5. correct mr Bling, above all else helmet must fit you properly
  6. Re: Help with helmets

    look at bike colour, look at helmet colour..
  7. thanks for the replays
    i know that a helmet saftey has to be considered above colour but i would like to find out if and how i can get a single colour helmet ( red ) i have looked at the ones with patteren just not my thing
  8. Get some bike magazines you're sure to come across some there.
  9. Buy a white one and get it repainted in Honda red...
  10. Motorlegion on this site seems to know a thing or 2 about helmets...perhaps PM them and ask them if they know of any manufacturers details that might be handy?
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  12. are you able to spray a helmet a different colour ,,, what about the sticker ??
  13. i too have a red vtr250. was looking at solid red helmets (that fits) too as i like simple designs/colour scheme but ended up with Shoei xr1000 symbol as it was only $500. I reckon it looks fine with the bike. if you ran out of idea, try helmets with red patterns on white background

    http://www.canberramcc.com.au/CMS/cmsadmin/UploadImages/Accessories/Helmets/shark RSI spot white.jpg

  14. Umm Im hoping your Joking Blue freak, cause if not this is probably the worst bit of advice I have ever read on here.

    If you could find a paint that would stick to a helmet it would probably weaken it and bugger it up for its intended purpose.

    they are not designed to be re-painted !!

    Buy a black one, black goes with everything. Not so easy to see in traffic true, BUT it would be a lot safer alternative than painting your lid and stuffing it

  15. They can be actually - they strip and repaint
    see here