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Help with gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mini_chew90, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. hey guys
    Um total noob here. I have just brought a bike and helmet and jacket. For some reason the guy at the shop conviced me to get a Shift leather jacket. I brought it home and now I'm not that sure. will i look like a try hard or poser with a leather jacket??

  2. If you like your skin, wear leather.

    If you have a tattoo you want removed, wear a singlet and shorts.

    For a new rider (and so should old/experienced riders) you have to be a fcuking moron to hit the roads (pun intended) without a leather (or textile in a pinch) jacket- and sooner or later you will hit the road.
  3. so basic the leather jacket i got is the smart option???
  4. Its a good jacket, I'm getting a nice leather jacket very soon, leather pants too! 90% of them are loud with writing and stuff all over them in bright crazy colours, its just that way.

    You'd look alot more stupid wearing insufficient protective clothing and having a bad stack.

    FYI most people have one.
  5. Ask yourself this..would you rather look like a poser and save your skin if you come off? Or be worried about what other people think and and have the wire brush for the gravel rash brought out if you come off?
  6. Better to look like a 'poser' than a skinned rabbit :wink:
    That said .. I don't wear a 'leather' jacket, just a textile Octane.
  7. don't worry what it looks like. no-one else cares. main thing is that you feel safe and secure wearing it. hope you got decent pants as well.
  8. Yeh cheers guys for the replys. Um yeh I suppose the writing is a bit loud but if it saves my skin. Um yeh i got a pair of kevlar jeans as well as some textile with impact protection. So i think there alright??
  9. Leather is the best thing to protect you from the bitumen.

    Draggin jeans are proven so i recommend them as well.

    Make sure you have good gloves and boots as well.. :cool:
  10. I started riding Oct last year, I went shopping at ALDI for my stuff, (due to funding restraints) bought boots, gloves, jacket and wet suit. Jacket has the armour, after a while you find out, you get what you pay for, I swtiched bikes about 3 times and just got rid of a cruiser, bought a leather jacket (cause that was the look) but as every person here has said, leather is the best protection against abrasive spills, it wont save your life but it does a damn good job to keep your skin in one piece and if you feel hot and unfortable, well go to the snow in a singlet and you'd get the same effect, not weraing the right gear is plain stupid!! If you are worried about looks, ride the bike down chapel street with your pink shirt and turqiose shorts wearing versace sunnies!!
  11. Return the jacket and buy a jacket you would like to wear.

    It doesn't protect you if it sits in the closet!
  12. Wearing a jacket makes you look cool, don't think you're a poser. Its not like wearing shin pads whilst roller blading, MC gear actually looks good. Not only is wearing full gear cool, I will save your safe once you come off the bike (which you should assume that you will). And dont skimp on the gear. If you buy a $50 helmet/jacket, you're basically saying you value your head/skin at $50.
  13. its only posing if you wear it while you're not riding
  14. Don't skimp on gear mate and get the very best you can afford or beg, borrow, steal!!!!!!!!

    Riding is not a fashion its a PASSION.

    Who cares if you look like a poser...........firemen don't look like posers do they??? They wear all that stuff because it will protect them, not because they want to pick up chicks and look cool (I think)

    The gear these days are so cool anyway, you cant go wrong........all these plastic clowns in Hollywood are starting to wear MC jackets now :wink: