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Help with Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LimaEchoOscar, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Since you guys have been very helpful in the past, I am here asking for more help.

    I been looking around for gear (bargain), yes and its over pricy - as the other thread-poll shows. And people are willing to pay the price cause safety comes first. I dig all that.

    But not necessarily that only expensive gear can keep you safe. I been looking at a few items on ebay, and I was wanting some suggestions of you if this gears are good. I guess the reasons they are cheap is cause they are not branded but that doesn't make it void.

    Jacket 1

    Jacket 2

    Custom Suit

    So people give me some constructive comments please :)
  2. Really you would want to inspect and try on anything before you buy regarless of price or brand.
  3. Generally the items look & sound okay from descriptions provided etc, but the most important factor is will it fit you ? Are they the right length, does the armour sit in the right spots, are they comfortable to wear and so on?

    Although you may try on whatever brand and a size ## in a store that may fit and feel perfect, each manufacturer as well as their styles, will vary in cut & sizing. There is no real standardised sizing with bike gear (as it each country differs) so hence no guarantee that a size ## will fit & feel identical to another you may have previously tried.

    Unless you can try before you buy or have a lot of confidence in the seller and their return/refund policies it could be an expensive gamble.
  4. Looks like the power rangers have opened a e-bay shop :grin: If u cant try it on then u are possibly wasting your money :grin:
  5. In addition to what has been said about fit, remember that non brand names may use inferior materials, and manufacturing processes, and perhaps have spent no time carrying out R&D.
    This means that their leather jacket/suit might self destruct in the event of a slow speed slide whereas a specialist brand name bike article will probably hold together.

    The no-name manufacturers have no brand or reputation to protect and a poor quality item isn't going to come back to bite them, a brand name item on the other hand will give poor publicity and negative community perception if it is found to be of poor quality.

    I agree riding gear is way overpriced, and margins are possibly huge on these types of items, but really they know we need it and have got us by the nuts so to speak. Just like tyres, they are damn expensive $300 for a full size bike rear, but if you want to stay upright, they know we will pay.

    A fact of life is something you MUST have will cost plenty, something you might like will usually seem better value.
  6. I don't like the styling of them.

    AGV have a nice black leather jacket for $299 rrp. I'm sure you could get it cheaper.

    Also RJays leathers are inexpensive compared to the big brands. The big problem with buying online is you cannot try it on first and a picture might not do the product justice. It could be better than you expected or worse. Maybe email some other ebay users that have bought leather gear off them and ask them for their opinion and if they would buy again.