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Help with fitting pipes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Greggy86, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I have received a notice in the mail asking me to provide my motorcycle for an inspection. Basically I have Short Shots fitted to my XVS650, and a neighbour has made a complaint to QLD Transport and Main Roads. A couple of questions, 1: Would it pass inspection with these pipes fitted, and 2: I'm assuming they wont, but I do have the stock exhaust, is the stock exhaust easy to fit? And where would I find instructions on how to fit them?
    Any help would be awesome!

  2. Mate I had the same bike with V&H cruiser pipes. They definitely would not pass an inspection.
    The short shots you have are even louder!
    You will have to put the original pipes on to pass the test.
    Wether or not this is a job for you is depends on how handy you are with this sort of stuff and if you have the tools.

    See if someone from around your area can assist you.

  3. Cheers mate. I'm happy to give it a go myself, just don't know what tools I'll need and don't know how long it will take
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    Don't know if this will help, but maybe you could do the reverse of what this guy is doing?
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  5. Maybe the neighbour will help you?
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  6. The problem with the neighbour is that they keep leaving anonymous letters on my bike, so I don't know who it is.
  7. Greggy, it is relatively straight forward.
    You only need a decent Allen key set and a 12mm & 8 or 9 mm spanners. Possibly a large flat screwdriver.
    There probably is a YouTube video on it. You should be able to do it in less than an hour.

    I had put V&H Cruzers on mine and swapped them back to stock when I sold it for the RWC.
    I then swapped them back for the new owner.

    I don't recall if the shorties had a slip on lower, or if it was a complete replacement pipe from the engine back.
    For the Cruzers the lower was a slip on so it was just a bandit clip in front of the muffler.

    You just need to undo the rear header pipe from the engine (with an Allen key) and the bandit clip on the lower pipe.
    If the lower is a full pipe then you'd need to undo it at the front engine mount.

    The original exhausts go onto a mounting bracket that sits below the rear pillion footrest.
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  8. One quick way (not completely accurate but gives you a ballpark figure) is to download a soundmeter to your phone and see what sort of db your bike is putting out at idle and around 5000rpm (do it infront of the neighbours house haha), while probably not accurate it will give you an approximate idea what your bike is putting out in sound without costing you a lot. Not sure what the QLD limit is, maybe 95db, should be able to find it on their equiv of the rta website, qld transport? Anyways good luck mate.
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  9. Changing pipes should be no real grief at all, your neighbours on the other hand..........
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  10. Thanks guys
  11. ............ and don't forget Greg once you've passed the inspection and have the pass doc in your hand that you make sure those short shots are fitted back on straight away (delaying this may cause loss of interest in motorcycling and subsequent slow death).

    I'd suggest taking the bike up to about 6K or 7K, maybe even 8K most evenings, for a couple of weeks at least, to ensure correct fitment has been achieved............ with a stubbie in one hand and a smug 'fcuk you' smile.
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  12. So good! HAHAHA
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