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Help with CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CruiseOrLoose, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. So I am looking to buy a cbr250rr and i was wondering if anyone could give me
    some advice on buying one.

    - What to look for basically.

    I am looking at one around the 20,000 - 40,000 kms mark so what problems should I be looking for that would proberly cost me an arm or leg to replace/fix

    I did do a search and did not find anything, if anybody knows of a thread with this exact information please let me know.
  2. Just to be clear, they stopped manufacturing the RR's in 1996. So any CBR250RR, regardless of year complied or sold, will be at *least* 13 years old. So any low odo readings are dubious (just like any old bike).

    There's not a lot that goes wrong with them, at least in the mechanicals. It would be worth taking one for a ride and making sure the gears stay in (especially 2nd). Make sure the forks aren't leaking. Make sure the fan turns on when it gets hot (thermoswitch), and it doesn't overheat. Check that it can maintain a stable idle, carb boots can crack and leak air.
    Check the engine casings for scratches, although they've all been dropped.
  3. Sorry to nitpick Mega, they were still manufactured until 98, but using parts from 96 or earlier leftovers. IIRC of course!

    I'd also check your clutch, you can do this with engine braking and takeoffs, if it shudders too much it needs adjustment or new plates,

    Check the fairing tabs, boot tabs will usually be broken also, a very common thing for these bikes.

    Check the front forks and rear shock, they're very often rooted.

    Check wheel bearings if you can get a wheel off the ground.

    Check the headstem bearing for freeplay,

    Check the clipons aren't bent.

    Check the brakes, this is very important! :>

    Check all the electrics work

    When making an inspection, ask the owner to not have it pre warmed to see how it starts, this can tell alot about the engine.

    Like Mega has said, not alot that goes wrong with these bikes, even less if they're maintained well.
  4. I thought it was leftover bikes which were just plated 97-99. Thats what wikipedia seems to suggest.

    Oh and if you see a tricolour CBR250RR(R) model, don't immediately assume its aussie built.
  5. As others have said, I wouldn't worry to much about the k's. With bikes that old, chances are that its already been around the clock once. You could also check the oil and the chain tension, it could give you an indication as to how the has looked after it.
  6. During my shopping for a cbr250rr on bikesales etc. I had a good look at about 7-10 bikes.

    Hard to find a cbr that is both mechanically and cosmetically sound. Be careful of the ones with basically perfect fairings. Initially look awesome, but takes 2 seconds to have a quick look underneath and run for the hills.

    There is an awesome buying/inspection guide on here to which you will find very (very) helpful as i did when inspecting bikes. I’ve actually forgotten where it is, but someone will be able to help me out with this one.
  7. Yup. Just because it looks good, doesnt mean it is. Test ride is probably a good idea; if something doesnt feel right, walk away. There are plenty of 250RR's out there.
  8. Low kilometres does not mean too much. I doubt a lot of the 20k to 30k kms bikes are genuine kms. I just sold my CBR250RR at a half decent price and it had more than 95,000 on the clock! I did have the head pulled down and spent about 800 bucks on it, but it was running like a dream after that. That was basically labour, valve reset, head gasket, head surface.

    Ask for receipts if there has been work done on the bike you are looking at. Good luck with your purchase.