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Help with Cancer support

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if people have any contacts or good/bad experiences with Australian Cancer support services?

    I spoke to Cancer Council of Vic yesterday, but was wondering if there are other/better services so I can find more info.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Depends on what kind of support your after I guess. But the Peter Mac centre is good for patient support. The services they provided to my mother were second to none.

    Here is the website. Not sure if its any help.

  3. The reason I ask is that the Oncologist at Peter Mac didn't seem to give a sh!t.

    I've done some more research but was hoping that some people had personal experiences with support services and what they liked/didn't like.

    My family has had a pretty crappy week and, due to the relative rarity of this cancer, finding info has been very difficult.

    The Cancer Council has sent me a pretty good basic info pack, but it seems that time is of the essence...
  4. When i think about it, there were a couple of surgeons/specialists that did come across as a bit blunt perhaps. But it became clear that they were just there to do their job and were bloody good at doing that job. Whereas the patient support department was also bloody good at doing their job which was just that, patient support. The support representitive(i cant remember the exact title) alocated to my mother was very helpful and positive. Always checking on things, making sure all was well and she also recognised the strains placed on family. In the times of confusion and lack of information, she was the one to turn to. And there were plenty of those times.

    I think it depends on the individuals that you come across too. Its a very fustrating, confusing, difficult, straining, (insert any other words of similar meaning here) time for all parties involved. A time thats meant to be made easier by patient support and was probably made as easy as posible with the help we recieved.

    Anyway I think thats all i can really add(in an open forum at least). If want any more specific info(contacts) please PM me.