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Help with bike, simple maintence - Im a novice.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by zulu2, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. I love my new bike, but have trouble starting it on the second day since owning it (today). I caught the train which was fun but not ideal.It started afew times yesterday and I rode it home.

    Im asking if anyone in Newport/Altona or Willamstown area has a spare hour or so to come and show me some simple things like pulling the battery out to charge, oil change etc. I know I could probably try these things myself but I'd appreciate somebody looking over while I do it.

    Id be happy to pay in beer or cook you lunch or dinner, even some money if thats what you eat.

    Please pm me if you can help.
  2. I'm in Yarraville for about another month. Come round sometime, with beer.
  3. Sounds like a good deal, Loz.
  4. Hey Loz .. mind if I come over to give you a hand?
    I drink top shelf irish whisky and only eat lobster zulu2.
  5. I only have lobster, but we have to get the bike started first because thats how its cooked.
  6. I spend a bit of time in Altona North.

    I can do the simple stuff. Give me a yell if you need a hand and we can set up a time.

    Also check out the spanner nights which get regularly posted in the vic reid/events forum.

    Any ideas on why the bike isn't starting. What is it doing? Not turning over? Turning over and not firing? Firing but not running?

    Also you said new bike. Not sure if that meant brand new or just new to you. If it's brand new and doesn't run I would contact the dealer and get them to fix.
  7. Thanks for all those replies. I have started by recharging the battery and alot less choke. It worked. I think its really just me getting used to the bikes individual quirks. Its a KLR250 '91 its only got a kickstarter.