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Help with bike in Sydney area...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wedge, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Hi all, i'm in some dire need of assistance for purchasing a second hand bike. I'm only new on the riding scene and have little experience with bike mechanics.
    I have looked into a range of bikes that will suit me and have read the reviews from many LAM models and I've got my sights set on a GS500F. I have seen a few advertised on www.bikesales.com.au that sound alright.

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in stopping by for a look at two bikes i have my eye on, and even take it for a ride. One in Petersham and the other in Merrylands. I live on the central coast and will have to catch a train down, i dont have any freetime during the week, so i wont be able to get down there for a look until the weekend.
    Sorry i dont want to sound needy, :oops: but if anyone is free in the next couple of weekends to meet me in the sydney area to help me look at these bikes it would help me out a whole heap. :grin:

    If anyone is interested PM me and i'll contact the owners first.
  2. GD500F = beautiful bike.

    They haven't been out very long though, dude.
    All those ones on bikesales are '04 models.

    If they start and there's no damage on them, they're probably fine.

    I'm in Baulkham Hills, so not far from that blue one in Northmead. I'm happy to come with you/drive you around to look at some bikes (as long as I'm not busy on the day).

    I'll test ride for you if you want, but I'm on my P's so that's up to the owner.
    Fluffy Donkey on these forums test rode my bike when I bought it, he and LPCIII are both on full license and would be happy to test ride for ya (again, as long as schedules aren't conflicting).

    PM me if you've got a date in mind.
  3. Yeah wedge, more than happy to help out a fellow netrider any time. How would next Sunday morning be?

    It is just that there is the Camp Quality ride next Sat, still let me know your thoughts and I'm sure we can organise a time to go check them out. But as Ktulu said they are reasonably new. But it is always good to give them the once over.
  4. What's your budget? You owe it to yourself to look at a few of the models in your price range, if teh ergonomics don't work for you, it doesn't matter how sexy the bike is to you!
    Kols Kebabs has a lovely LAMS bike for sale, and it's in Newcastle. Worth a look if for nothing more than broadening your knowledge. I know he's looked after the bike.
    So, go and annoy some dealers with second hand bikes you are interested in. There are a few dealers on the central coast, and some in Newcastle too. Spin them crap so they want to help you, tell them your parents want to buy you a bike blah blah!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. look on bikebiz website there got a few 2nd hand bikes, dont go to action there prices are high for 2nd hand then go to mca for your gear
  6. Yeah I got my SP2 from Bikebiz, they are a great place and good people.
  7. Thanks everyone, yeah all the bikes on there are pretty new but just want another opinion on the bikes :) .
    As for the ergonomics of the bike, the GS500F fits me pretty damn good for being 6'7", and i've looked at most of the other LAM models available to me.
  8. Also considering gear, i've been looking at the prices at bikebiz and they look decent compared to the central coast. It'll be worth my time to train it down there.
    Been looking at a XR1000 shoei helmet (nerve) on sale for $680
    DriRider climate jacket - $269
    Alpine star gloves SP-1 - $149
  9. I would lend my assistance, Petersham is right next to me. However I have work every day this week and the Camp Quality ride on Saturday...
  10. All good Haggismaen, well if you do find the time or whatever PM me and let me know how it went, looked.
    Thanks for the thought :)
  11. If anyone hears of or see's a GS500F could you let me know.
    Much appreciated :grin:
  12. Can I ask why you've decided to go for the GS500F?

    Pretty big outlay for a first bike...
  13. Good bike the GS500F ,loved mine .
    Check your PM's and im sure the sydney guys will tell you it was looked after and never rider fast EVER ,lmao.
  14. Well Hagismaen, i stand tall at 6'7" and sat on a few cheaper 250s, but felt like a circus clown :grin: Had a seat on the GS500 and it felt pretty comfy, ergonomics worked well for the legs and i'll be doing some longer rides next year, so i wanted something a bit bigger.
    Dont mind about the price, just want something that will suit me.
  15. you have chosen a good bike, you could also consider the naked model. usually a little cheaper and definately cheaper if you come off (fingers crossed you don't). although if you are planning to do a lot of freeway travel (long straight higher speed), the fared model might be a goer. i ride the naked model and don't have a problem, but assume the fared model would make it a bit more comfortable. speeking of comfortable - if you find a way of making the seat on the gs a bit more comfy let me know. don't get me wrong, but my bum does go numb after a few hours of riding
  16. I have a GS500E (1995) with a bikini faring, and I am looking to upgrade, so its for sale but I haven't actually got round to advertising it as I was sosing out a trade in. I am 6'4" and I find it good, but if you are after the extra protection of a fully fared bike then the GS500F is the way to go.
  17. what bikini do you have, been looking at getting one and was wonder how effective they are
  18. Yeah heard the fairing model would be a more comfortable when hitting the freeway.
    I also like the look of the fairings, plus the added bonus of the screen.
  19. Yeah wedge, good choice, and you still might look a little big even for that bike :). I don't find wind to be too much of a problem either and didn't really like the fairing on the GS, but if you like it, then go for that one. Unfortunatelly I can't help you, as I'm still on L's.

    And yes I'm with Ferret on the seat issue. Not a nice feeling :)

    Spud gun, I know that pic you posted isn't your bike, but do you know where I could get that cute little fairing on the bottom of the frame? I've seen them on some Bandits and really like it...Thanks.