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help with bike gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by getnkd, May 2, 2009.

  1. hi yall, im planin to purchase some leather gear and i have set my eyes on afew such as "berik" n "alpinestars", though to be frank they do cost alot especially just for a jacket itself which will be costing me $700-$900. From searching online on afew sites i came across this brand name RST which is selling a package leather jacket and pants for the same price as if i would of bought a berik/alpinestars jacket. was wondering if any1 has an RST jacket or familiar with these brands mentioned, give me some advice on the quality and safety.


  2. I got a RST leather jacket about 18 months ago and wear it all the time on the bike and still in great condition so in my opinion its good quality.

    When I bought it I was just trying on heaps of jackets and actually prefered the RST because it was a good fit and was happy that it cost half of the other brands.
  3. +1 for the RST Rift leather suit. Fits me well and seems well made. RST claims triple stitching on all major seams, which is top of most checklists for leathers. Not bad ventilation in hot weather but I've yet to go though winter with it.
  4. I've got the RST Rift leather jacket also and with a long sleeve thermal and t-shirt underneath it was warm enough riding to work at 7.00am on Saturday morning. Get a neck warmer also. Keeps you warm enough.
    Also fits well with good sleeve length unlike a lot of others.

  5. my girlfriend got me some RST gloves if that helps. they fit well and comfy. quality is quite high
  6. After about 6 months of riding with my RST jacket, I have noticed the velcro on the cuffs and neck are loosing if not completely lost their stick.

    I think next time I will be getting a 'better' jacket.

    EDIT: Also, some of the stitching is fraying. I have looked after this thing well too, using Dubin on it about once a month.
  7. My son has had an RST jacket for about 18 months. Still looks good with no signs of stitches failing. The leather quality and the design/colour combination are both good.
  8. a few months ago I got a brand new leather alpinestars jacket from the US off ebay for less than $400 shipped..
    Looking the other day, still plenty for sale in that price range.
  9. You shouldn't use Dubbin on leather jackets with cotton stitching as it weakens the cotton. This may be why your stitching is fraying.

    Use proper leather jacket conditioner.