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HELP! With baffle!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lowercase, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've got a beautiful Triumph, if you didn't know, only had it a few months, and want to get new rego and transfer from NSW to QLD stuffs tomorrow.

    Anyways, the pipe is VERY loud. If I get into trouble and they want me to fix it... how do I make a baffle and then put one in?

    Keeping in mind I'm not that good with these things and don't know anyone in the area... worse comes to worse I'll have to go 1.5 hours away to a motorbike shop to get them to help out and pay them money that I earnt :(

    I've been looking for vids, but all I could find (on google or youtube) was how to make it louder, rather than quieter. And the stuff that was to make it quieter said I needed a motorcycle baffle... but I heard there was an easier way?

    Please help

    lots of love
    hols xx
  2. I jammed some steel wool into a pipe one day to get through the RWC (Was a CBR250).That definitely made the pipe alot quieter.
    Stupid question, but I'm guessing the pipe on your bike isn't stock?
  3. I take it you only have to go to an autherized inspection station. Most won't even check the noise of it. Doubt he would have a meter to do it anyway.
    Fliud leaks, tires, rotor thickness. Brakes and all electrical stuff will be checked.
    You may just get away with it I think. I would give it a go and see what happens.
  4. I'm not going to an inspection station. Cause the closest inspection place is more than 50k's away, I just go to QLD transport. I'm just worried they'll come outside (in what will most likely be rain... or hear me arrive) and check it anyways.

    Correct - not a stock pipe - I bought it like that.

    Shove the steel wool where? Will it just stay put? And will it burn or blow smoke?
  5. Sorry mate. No I meant like a mechanic. One who does roadworthies. Not sure but I thought that was all you needed. Same as when you sell your bike up here.
  6. yeah it is - but i'm not going to a mechanic.

    i just need to transfer rego from NSW to QLD and they might look over my bike at the QLD transport inspection placey thing.
  7. QLD transport don't care about your bike. All they care about is that you have the correct papers.

    Relevant website:

    So yeah, you'll need a safety/roadworthy certificate and they will fail you if the noise exceeds the standard. For my old vtr250 I got a removable custom baffle made for that purpose, it was gone the minute i got the safety cert in my hands.
  8. There are neater ways to do it, but, in desperate circumstances, a bunch of stainless steel pan scrubbers jammed down the tailpipe with a couple of lengths of threaded rod making an X across the outlet to retain them will quieten things down temporarily.

    Mind you don't getr the silvery plastic fake ones or the result will be somewhat fragrant :D.
  9. they don't require a safety/roadworthy certificate as i'm more than 50 k's away from one - so the QLD Transport registry is supposed to check it over themselves.
  10. If its a stock pipe, shouldn't it have a label somewhare stating that its EPA compliant (or something to that effect)?

    Motorcycle exhaust shops carry generic baffles - I picked up one for the VFR for $20 or so from Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals in Slacks creek. All you need to know is the diameter of the tip of you exhaust and whether it is straight/angled, so probably could be done over the phone.
  11. Plenty of workarounds, if it doesn't pass do you have 7 days to rectify it like here in Vic?

    Most places down here aren't worried about pipes, just the other stuff like brakes etc. You might not even fail...
  12. It's a custom pipe.

    Yeah I don't think they'll have an issue. I just freak out with things like this, I guess.

    I've done half the stuff today, doing the rest on friday, so I'll find out then :)

    Thanks people for the help :D