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Help with an inspection.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Drew, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. you may have seem my thread about a bike on ebay..... well im interested but need to inspect the bike.....

    But, No way can i get to the bike before the sale closes.

    If I am able to arrange an inspection, would anyone be willing to "Do a job for me" and take a nice cruise down to Grantville, and take a look at it and report back to me?

    I'll work something out for you concerning fuel/ time etc.

    PM me if this is possible and i'll give you my phone no so we can work something out.

    I'm getting prices for transport of the bike should i win...... unless i can work out a way to get id delivered otherwise.

  2. where the fcuk is Grantville?
  3. My first reaction as well!

    Almost to phillip island acording to the map..

    did a search on www. whereis.com.au for grantville in Victoria..... and thats what i got
  4. its not far from cranbourne, say half hour.

    should be less than an hour for me.

    i may be able to sneak down, but don't really know what i am looking at. i have some car knowledge, but still learning about bikes. my inspection would be only, "yeah its a bike, it looks clean/dirty treated well/bad and if everything works or not.

    may be able to talk a buddy into a ride who knows a little more.
    let me know if no-one else offers