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Help with an assignment... cheers in advance

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by patske, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Hey.. doing some work for uni.. need the help of some of the oldies out there. It's got to do with cars though but I'm sure the older people on the forum will have had some experience.

    we are a group of students at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) currently researching consumer behaviour regarding the selection and use of cars as part of an Advertising Creative Strategies project. This questionnaire assesses family cars by asking questions about your views and expectations. We would greatly appreciate any insights you could give us.

    Please help us to fill the questionnaire and kindly forward this mail to your friends.

  2. As a UTS graduate myself, i'll be glad to help. :grin:
  3. How old is an oldie?
  4. aahh UTS remember it well, didn't go there but hijacked a mate's radio slot and then proceeded to get banned from the campus. Apparently we were prejudiced against some minorities when in reality we abused everyone. :twisted:

    Oh survey done! :grin:
  5. Done
    Oh, and you spelt comfort coNfort :p
  6. Survey submitted.
  7. Done.

    Interesting wholecounts. LOL!

    damn it, I hate working for AC Nielsen. (not really) :D
  8. Done - but why didn't you ask about any other cars in the household (apart from the number of them)? My wife has a seven seat Kluger that I couldn't advise on that often carries more than three passengers.
  9. i did it because i feel old, not sure 27 is old....
  10. I done it coz I studied creative advertising at uni, don't work in it tho. Good luck with your course! please please don't become a dickhead suit.

    Hope my answers won't skew your results. I did answer them from a consumer's poin of view.