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Help with a PS3 problem

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JP, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. I bought an 80GB PS3 the other day after finishing the last of my PS2 games. It came with GT5 Prologue and Uncharted, and I also go NFS Undercover as well. Yesterday and this morning I was playing Undercover and had some problems with the environment not loading properly and then freezing while it was auto-saving. I had only been playing for about an hour each time and the air coming out the back was only just warm so it isn't overheating. I know there's a few gamers on the forum, so just wanted to know if this sounds like a hardware issue or software? I haven't had any problems with the other games. It has the latest firmware (2.80) which I downloaded to the system over my wireless network. Would a system reset also be worth trying?

  2. worth a try, make a copy of your save files first and then reformat the HDD, tech support aren't too bad at helping either.

    my 80gb freezes up every now and then particularly with some games. Do you run it horizontally or vertically? Vertically runs a bit cooler, better airflow.
  3. I'm under the impression PS2 games will only run on the 40gb PS3.
    Certainly none of my PS2 games run on my Aussie purchased 80gb PS3.

    Its a common Sony arse kicking excersise if you google too.

    Apparently some PS1 games run but I sold all mine :roll:
  4. Most ps2 games play on ps3, but there is a number of titles that do not play. Think there is a list on playstation forum site.
  5. buy an xbox :grin:
  6. PS2 games will only work on the 60gb model

    PS1 games are available as PSN downloads but why bother unless for some nostalgic value.
  7. How does GT5 go? Looks fair sweet eh.
  8. Sorry guys, I think I've confused everyone. I wasn't talking about playing PS2 games on the PS3 (I only got the PS3 because I had been waiting to finish all my PS2 titles). The problem I had was with a PS3 game (NFS Undercover).

    Well it's only the Prologue version, so it's not the complete game. It's good if you like driving simulators, but I found it a bit boring after a while.
  9. Give me a call today, mate, my son-in-law is a console guru (has them all) and has had his PS3 for ages, I'm sure he'll know how to fix this.....
  10. The full game had better be better than the prologue. What we currently have is visually stunning graphics mated to very dull and boring game play.
  11. Haha and enjoy the xbox360 ring of death :)
  12. Thankyou very kindly for the offer Paul :grin:
    I re-formatted the hard drive, which I think has solved it (although it's hard to tell with these kinds of things). I'll take up the offer if it continues though.

    Does anyone have an opinion on updating a systems firmware wirelessly?
    I know some devices won't allow you to do this incase the signal is interrupted, so I wonder why Sony lets PS3 owners do it. I might use an ethernet cable for future updates.
  13. The safest way is download it from the playstation site copy to a USB key then transfer it over to your PS3 and run the update