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help with a L's bike, what to get

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kransky.dan, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. hi all,
    looking at my license and also looking at wht bike i want, the local peter stevens has cbr250rr's for $7000 which i have been looking at for a while, but one of the guys there told me about the hyosung bikes, and the 650r is Learner approved.

    need a hand in choosing a bike, open to other suggestions aswell.
    what do u think i should get?
    thanks all
  2. Or you could save your money and buy something who's price is not ridiculously inflated (talking about the CBR here). Then use the money you save for more comprehensive gear, insurance, petrol etc.
  3. ok, so what price should i be looking at? the cbr also comes with jacket, gloves and helmet for $7000, forgot to mention that, sorry.
  4. well what do you want it for? i personally steered clear of the cbrs, expensive to buy, expensive to drop. in my view not the best learners bike. if you are after a commuter, a 250 would probably be best, if you want a weekender/tourer, a 500/650 would be better, the 2fiddys are no good on long highway runs. by the way can anyone confirm if the ER6 is lams? they look like a good bike from what ive been reading into.
    i love my VTR, and even though its cost me a bit to fix up and service, i'd never look back.
  5. Yeah have you thought about a naked bike? Or are you hell bent on getting a full faired learner bike?
  6. The ER6 isn't LAMS (in NSW anyway).

    CBR250RR for $7K?!?!?!


    You can do better! :p
  7. i will be using it for weekend and some traveling to work, not hell bent on anything, looking at taking a loan out for this thing so it has to last me a little while, and i dont want anything where ill want to upgrade after 9 months.
    so something that is LAMS and enough to kkep me going for a while.
  8. make sure you work out what you want from a bike whether tha be cruising or sport riding. cbr 250 are great bikes to learn on, good brakes handling etc but 7k is too much. what ever you end up with make sure you put a thousand aside for gear its all thats between you and the road... and decent gear will last longer than your first bike.
  9. I fully recommend the VTR250, and not just because I have one. It's a V-twin so it's very easy to learn on (it has instant power, no need to keep it sitting above 7-8000rpm just to move forward), it has a short wheelbase (ala CBRs, ZX2Rs etc) so it handles very well in the corners, I find it comfy no matter how long the ride and it has plenty of power for a first bike (is that extra 4HP that a CBR250 supplies really that important?). Plus if you put a custom exhaust on it, it becomes the best sounding 250 out there :p. The numbers of VTR250s on the road seem to be increasing so there should be plenty out there second hand.

    I would also recommend an Across (rode my mates around Sydney, then down to Wollongong, would get one in a flash for a first bike), sure they are an older bike and most will have a fair few kilometers on them but they are bullet proof, that's why there are still so many around. It's a four-cylinder so you get that sports bike feel when you're revving to the moon. It also has the exceptionally handy large storage compartment. The only downside about the Across is the seat, it is rubbish, but you can fix that with a sheepskin or custom seat if you're so inclined.

    The one good thing about the CBR250 is the twin front disc, I see no reason why it shouldn't be on the VTR250 as well.
  10. the vtr250 is a real good bike and easy to make sound like a bigger bike. my friend loves his across but has opted for a sheepskin cover aswell. another bike to look at is the honda hornet 250, it uses the cbr motor and looks just like a 600 hornet looks horn and will kill the vtr and across. i had mine for a few years and had no probs
  11. All CBR250RRs are old, and 7K is simply way too much to pay for a bike of that age no matter what "free" gear they're throwing in. If you're after something sporty the Hysoung is worth a look especially considering that buying one of those means you can put off upgrading for much longer. If you want something with a fairing but a more upright riding position the Suzuki GS500F might also be worth a look. Really a jacket, gloves and helmet is probably only costing the dealer all of 2-300 bucks so don't let that be the deciding factor when spending thousands on a bike.
  12. Just a note that it's the Hyosung 650L that's learner-legal: if you buy a plain 650R it's not. The L can then be de-restricted after you get off restrictions for more power. If you're looking at buying something to keep for a few years, that's a very good option. The other alternative is to buy something relatively cheap (and I agree, a naked or near-naked is a much better beginner option than a fully-faired bike, just 'cos it's cheaper if you drop it, even in the driveway), then upgrade later. Sounds like you're more into getting something now for the longer haul, though, so the Hyosung 650 or a Suzuki GS500 are probably things to look at.
  13. the book that has the hyosung bikes in it says that the 650R is learner approved? or do they alter the r version down to complie? is there different standards in different states?
    thanks to everyone so far, ur being heaps helpful.
    keep it coming!!!
  14. I believe the 650 has carby restrictors, it keeps the power down. You can have these removed when you get off of your restrictions.

    Don't buy one of those PS CBRs, that's my suggestion. Where they may be nice looking bikes, etc, PS are total rip offs IMO.

    I would considerin picking up a second hand from bikesales or trading post.

    Maybe even check out 7THSINs ZX2 in the for sale section, I had one of those, about the same power delivery as the CBRs and not a dime a dozen :)
  15. There is a LAMs version of the 650R - it's the 650RL. Same bike just with a restrictor fitted to the throttle so you don't get power past a certain rpm (thereby limiting total power output to below the LAMs limit).
  16. ok, these are the hyosung bikes that the Transport SA website lists as LAMS approved:

    Comet GT650L
    Aquila GV650L
    Comet GT650SL
    Comet GT650RL
  17. I bought a near perfect condition CBR250RR with under 20,000 k's for $4500.

    Take note, every import CBR250RR is exactly the same, exactly the same engine, just different paint, so when looking for one, year doesnt make a real difference (sure, a 97 will be a bit fresher than a 89 etc...)

    Happy shopping.