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Help with 250 suzuki across insurance

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chrisco7689, May 1, 2008.

  1. ok i am stuck got this real nifty 95 suzuki across gonna get a RWC check done on saturday to see if worth buying it (got dealer from 1200 to 950) as far as i know that batery and front brake pad need fixing and thats all

    any way my question is, seeing as the 250 gsx across its an import who would i go thru for cheap!! 3rd party insurance???

    any way thanks in advance chrisco

    (old fella owns the bike he was cut of at a roundabout slamed his brakes and stalled it and droped it so he has been scared to ride eversince damages are cosmetic, got 25000 k's on it looks pretty good cept a few scrathes)
  2. Maybe ring up various companies and get some quotes? Takes a fews mins for each one.
  3. 3rd party i say
    being 18 will probably put u back around 200 bucks'ish
  4. umm.. i dont think the across is grey import mate.. i had one as a learner bike, cost me something like $700 for full comp. i was 25 at the time though. i just went through RACV. doesnt hurt to ring around, ask away. also use the internet, i know places like insuremyride do online quotes.
  5. The across can be an import, however there isn't as many imported as the CBR's for example.
  6. learn something new every day. i take it the import models are the silver on grey and the yellow ones or something?