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help. will a '02 muffler fit my '96 zx6r?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rudey, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. hey guys. im thinking of buying a muffler. found a used one that fits the 2002 zx6r. i have a 1996 zx6r. they both appear to have a 3 bolt flange. does anyone know if the bolts are in teh same sots? will it fit?

    also while im here, has anyone got any reviews on a 'roo racing' carbon muffler? is it stupidly loud?

    and will i need to get the bike tuned for a different muffler? or it just plug and play?
  2. For a slipon, you don't HAVE to tune it. But if you've got a k&n as well it might be worth considering if the backfiring/popping is present/gets annoying.
  3. so if i just change the muffler it might run abit rich? as long as its not running lean it should not do any damage to the engine, correct?
  4. ok, i called kawasaki and they told me that it 'looks' like the inner diameter of the flange is bigger on the 02. i can not see how that would be a bad thing. any comments?
  5. its all good. a mate who works as an exhaust mechanic recons he can make one for me for a couple of slabs.
    hes gonna use some stainless truck exhaust pip for the outer skin.

    i told him to engrave it with his brand name... he said i dont have one. i said he should call them "hairy mufflers"
  6. by the way running rich can damage the engine, excess fuel can get past the rings and into the oil, reduce it lubricating properties, which will mean increased wear in the cylinders and eventual piston slap, don't believe me come listen to my bike