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Help! Which bike should I buy!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Polly Pocket, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Hi guys. New to bike riding and this forum. Just got my Ls. Wanting a bike suited to road and easy trails. I have put a deposit on a Yamaha XT250 2008 model with 11000kms going for $3300. After seller started acting a bit shady yesterday I started looking around again just incase and found a Honda CRF250L 2015 model with just 42kms for $4990. Both bikes have just under a year rego but thinking the Honda might be a smarter buy even though most $$. Can you guys offer any advice??

  2. Not the right forum for this question bud. Moving it for you this time.
  3. The xt would be carbie model whereas the crf is FI The Honda is taller as well i believe.

    Personally i would get the Yamaha becaus i have had a few of the xt250 and they have been good but i think the Honda will be good as well. The Yamaha will resell better. These are good first trail bikes but if you get into it you may upgrade. The Yamaha will get your cash back easier.

    That probably doesnt help. Hmm get the one that you like the most they are both good choices.
  4. Heheh 500R for "easy trails" , i'd like to see a video of that.
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  5. Ah sorry about that, ill know for next time. Thanks!
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  6. bulletproof cheap road/trail, air cooled xr250. i had one as my first trail bike, tuff as fark..a bit of prick to start lol
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  7. +1 for Honda
  8. Thanks for the help. Ended up sticking with xt250, being a very short female the Honda just wasn't going to work for me lol!
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  9. Hahah, unfortunate by-product of scrolling with my fat thumbs on my phone. Dislike revoked!