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Help when you need it!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Habs, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I have wanted to ride for ages (used to in the dark ages in my teens and early 20's) but did nothing about it. Then, last month, I ended up in hospital so ill I wasn't sure I was going to live and I decided I needed to get off mu arse and do some of those things I hve been wanting to do........

    So, I have booked my learners but had no damn idea of what I was going to do next...I know nothing about biking............

    Where on earth was I going to buy a bike, what sort of bike will I buy, where will I get it serviced, what else will need, will I get ripped off as a woman who is coming in cold.....etc, etc, etc...

    Then on Friday night, I was bored at home and headed off to Southbank for a bit of a walk about when I found a whole lot of really friendly people with a lot of seriously good loking bikes. Being the social sort, I started looking at the bikes and chatting to a few people and someone even offered to help me with buyign a bike and all the other stuff....thanks Johnny O - it sure took a weight off my mind.

    Amazing what you can find when you just go walkabout.

    So, I am a 42 year old female who knows nothing about bikes but wants to ride because she loved it when she did all those years ago.

    Hope to meet a lot more of the friendly folk on Fridays at Southbank!
  2. Welcome to NR, and soon to bikes :biker:

    You must have caught Johnny O on a good night :LOL: :wink:
  3. Welcome Habs :)

    What a fortuitous meeting of like-minds at Sth Bank! :grin:

    Look fwd to meeting you on a Tues L ride perhaps? :cool:
  4. great intro, habs :LOL:

    it's amazing what you find at Southbank, isn't it?

    hang around with the Netrider gang, you'll get lots of help and good advice.
  5. Hi Habs,

    snap! I am also a 42 year old woman who has just started riding and hasn't got a clue :LOL: Luckily I do have a boyfriend who rides though. But so far I am loving the forum, I can read about bikes/riding to my heart's content :)


  6. Welcome.

    help is only an ask away, we're a friendly bunch.
  7. ......just don't ask about insurance.
  8. Aaaaahhh Cheffie. You kill me.
  9. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Good luck with the learners.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome wishes


    Wish you were here and not in NSW - would be good to hook up with a newbie the same age and as little experience!!

    I had the pleasure of riding two up for a few hours on Sunday - first time on the back of a bile in very, very long time......what a blast!! Can't wait to get my learners in 3 weeks and get my own bike!!

    And Cheffie, why don't we ask about insurance??
  11. Cheffie, you have started something, that you probably won't be able to stop.

    Welcome to the nuthouse, Habs.
  12. Hello Habs
    I'm a newbie to this forum but not bikes. A few things I found helpful when I was learning:

    When you go shopping for a bike make sure you are comfortable on it. Don't worry so much about looks but whether you can put your feet flat on either side and whether it's light enough for you to pick it up when you drop it. (I dropped mine at a stop sign as I was trying to take off. Think it's funny now but was rather embarrassed at the time :grin: ). All this will give you a head start with confidence. And it's only your first bike, once you can ride then start looking at what bike you really want to ride.

    I started on a 185 dirt bike and now ride a 1000cc Ducati that I can't put both feet flat on the ground.

    Protective clothing: get as much as you can afford. at least gloves and jacket (helmet of course). I found my skills inproved more when I knew I was relatively protected.

    And get out and ride as much as you can whether it's in a group or by yourself. It's like anything else practice makes perfect.

    Enjoy and good luck with your learners.
  13. Re: Thanks for the warm welcome wishes

    It's often a lonnnnnnnnng drawn out debate ... yawn! :p

    Usually very entertaining though :grin:
  14. Re: Thanks for the warm welcome wishes

    tsk tsk, that's a question about insurance.