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Help! What night should i have my 21st party on?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Friday Night

  2. Saturday Night

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Im in the midst of organising my 21st b'day and im stuck on one thing.
    Do i have my party on a friday night? or Saturday night?

    Please share your party experiences and what you think would be the best night../ :p

  2. Saturday for sure, people are usually too tired to party hard on a Friday night, unless of course they are young whipper snappers like yourself :p but for us older people Sat. is good cause we can have a nanna nap before coming to party (that's of course if us older peeps are invited) :wink:
  3. yeah definitely go with the saturday - people expect big parties on saturdays - fridays are the "after work" type things, so you'll be competing with drunk office-goers rather than drunk younger people ;)

    this coming from an office-goer *sigh*

  4. Definitely Saturday night, people are usually too tired or working back late to go to a party on a Friday night.
  5. + 1 for the Sat night :)
  6. Although I agree with Saturday night... provided you give fair warning, sometimes Friday can be the go. I've had Saturday nights where I don't get home til Sunday night then Monday's written off anyway. If you're drinking, go Saturday night, if you know plenty of drug fiends, go Friday :grin:
  7. im a friday kinda guy, it takes me saturday to sleep it off and sunday to wade through the thick headedness tp prepare for work monday ;)
  8. i get the feeling i drink like you do :)
  9. flex.... from what ive been told about you, we have very similar interests ;)
  10. I'll have to go with a Friday night too... By the time I get home, it's at least lunch time on Sat, and let's face it... It's not the day after that hurts, it's the day -after- the day after that's the killer... I try to be at least semi-productive on a Monday... :LOL:

    Besides, I rather deal with suits on a Fri than the tools on Sat... :grin:
  11. Toss a coin,
    Heads its Friday Night
    Tails its Saturday Night
  12. Has to be a Saturday night! Most people are then free from work obligations but it's YOUR party so you choose what suits you :)
  13. Just pick a night that suits you.....
    and if you post it, they will come. :p
  14. Start it Friday night and end Saturday or Sunday night. Takes care of every 'party' night in one go :grin:
  15. I had my 21st party on friday night, kept going the next day then out to the clubs saturday night, came home bout lunch time sunday. Lucky i had the next week off work :twisted:

  16. First of all Miss DJ let me correct you. The common folk have a party but us sophisticated cool folk have a parte' [​IMG]
  17. i'd say friday night coz it leaves you with more options
    1. if your upto it you can party well into the next day and night
    2. sundays are a day for riding and you cant do that after a big night which a 21st should be.
  18. People like shagging any day of the week so just make it the day that's closest to your actual Birthday.

    The Ric
  19. +1 layto nothing like getting home on sunday in time for lunch... the following week :twisted:

  20. One thing I've found that can be a drawback about Saturday parties is that sometimes Fridays nights end up MUCH bigger than you expected, so come Saturday, everyone is still buggered from Firday night. There's nothing you can do about it though, so I reckon you take the chance a go Satiurday...