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HELP! Weird stuffs a happening!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kenno, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Okay well for starters ive had to tighten my chain so much lately that i can no longer pull my back tyre back any further (No, i havent been trying to do too many wheelies), im guessing this obviously means i need a new chain. How hard are they to change? Do i need a proper mechanic?

    And secondly, when im braking and coming to a stop at low speeds my back break seems to feel like its scratching. Whats up with that? Is it dangerous for breaking purposes, and does it mean i need a new back brake? Maybe it just needs to be cleaned?

    Anyway any help will be appreciated, keeping in mind im a poor uni student :)


  2. How good are you with spanners?

    How much meat is left on the rear pads?

  3. Whatever you are studying, add motorcycle maintenance to the course.

    Had you changed your chain at the right interval that would have been all you needed.

    Now, however, without even looking at your bike I can say that your sprockets are worn out as well. You will need to change them to avoid damaging the new chain.

    You also need to lube your chain frequently - at least every time you fill up. Having used spray on lube on my last chain, and having it only survive barely 10,000 km, I am reverting to drip-on oil.

    A little oil applied frequently is the answer - if your chain looks oiled after you finish, you have applied too much. The excess will fling off and make a mess.

    The pads or brake shoes have worn down to the metal. You are damaging the brake disk or drum every time you ride the bike. You will be up for even more money if you don't attend to this right away.

    Make it a habit to find a bike mechanic or workshop where you can drop in for a chat and have them check your bike visually for any problems. Pay to have regular services done until you know how to do the work yourself.

    Otherwise just keep buying another bike when one wears out... ;-)

    All the best

    Trevor G
  4. lol booth easy to do.
    I hope u havnt eaten ur whole brake bad yet.

    or bring boose and ill help ya out

    lol sounds like thats the plan
  5. Some people can afford to do this..... :(

    Do what Trevor G says, his word is pretty much gospel... everything I've seen him post is always good, accurate, and usually quite funny.

    5 stars again Trev :)

    [/egoboost for Trev]

  6. [​IMG]
  7. Yup, sounds like the chain is close to death. Haven't been lubing like a good boy have you? :p When its raining is when you need to take special care of the chain, it should have lasted alot longer, I replaced chain and sprockets early last year. As for the brake, sounds like you need to learn how to check pad thickness :)

    You can do chain and sprocket yourself.. but I was never keen enough to learn. Cost me $280 (about half of which was labour) last time.
  8. If you look hard enough you can usually find the real message hidden inside (it's an old cryptographer's trick):

    And you were looking for a free tuneup??

    Thanks Jomo ;-)


  9. No worries mate, don't need that tuneup yet but I'll let ya know ;)

  10. [​IMG] Nibor !! You Goose!
  11. Hey, if u need a shop manual for your ZZR 250 i can email it to you :)...
  12. thanks for all the help... i changed the sprockets and chain and brakes myself...runs lik a dream. Unfotunately 3 days after fixing i broke my hand...and wont be riding for a little bit. But thanks for all the help...much appreciated.