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Help & Warning! Msn virus - how do I get rid of it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nixy V3, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Well lucky me & all of my contacts as well as theirs, and theirs and so on. One big snowball effect :evil:

    Got a msn bug on my pc last night that starts with a message displayed in a convo window as "I found a picture of you online ...."

    HELP - How do I get rid of it???????? I have spent many hours & various promise removal downloads last night & today of which NONE have done anything.

    Does anyone have a link that actually works??? pleeeeeeeeeeeease
  2. Start Menu :arrow: Accessories :arrow: System Tools :arrow: System Restore

    Choose a date before the thing lodged itself in your computer, and backup any important stuff you've saved between then and now.
  3. Thanks 2loo I already tried that but it has lodged itself somewhere & AV scans etc arent picking it up :evil: Also tried uninstall & reinstall of msn but that didnt work either
  4. So how did you get this Virus? I didn't think msn could be made to force a file into your system unless you accepted a request???
  5. start -> run ->type: msconfig -> startup

    look for non system executables...
  6. probably hiding in the system files somewhere, which makes it a bugger to get rid of.

    Have you tried booting in SAFE mode and then scanning/deleting?

    Failing that, you might have to do what I did many moons ago and re-install Windows from scratch.

    I now have a Mac, so life is a little easier.
  7. Sorry that was me ... I logged on to msn & I had boxes pop up everywhere.
    Nice little fracken thing :twisted:

    Ok just like the last one that did the rounds.

    Go change your msn/hotmail password.
    Then run your virus scan.

    Dont know what your using but AVG is picking it up & removing

    Sorry guys who I have on msn

    This is what your looking for ...
  8. I had that virus at the end of last year...on a work computer of all things :-w

    If none of the above work, try http://housecall.trendmicro.com/au/

    It takes a while to run, but it worked for me and got rid of all the little buggers :)
  9. As a general rule if virus scanners don't find something give addware scaners a go.
    www.adaware.com is a relativly good one
  10. AVG (run daily)

    Housecall (as mentioned above) (free online scan)
    Bitdefender (free online scan) (both run once a week)

    And a spyware scanner. (ran once a week)
  11. sounds like some folks in the know have given some good help. Which raises the perennial question - what do folks recommended as the BEST free and BEST paid virus scanners?
  12. Cejay, Nixy and I are at peace.

    It doesn't matter how often I see that MAC gag I still get a chuckle... perhaps it was a bit insensitive given the angst Nixy is feeling, but it's still funny :)

    Anyway, mooooooving on!

    Nixy, what version of windows live messenger are you using? There's an update being pushed at the moment. I wonder whether that's less susceptible?

    Some other related questions:

    1/ What do folks recommend as the best FREE and PAID virus scanners?
    2/ Can you rely on Windows Defender (Vista bundled product) to deal with this virus?
  13. I have always been a Vet fan (Now inoculate by CA (They bought vet))
    My key reason for this is that it is just as effective as the others but less intrusive and with a much smaller memory and CPU footprint.
    My experiance with Nortons AV has always been painfull. It is thorough that is not an issue, but it is so damned intrusive.
    The only time i recall being unimpressed with Vet was when nimbda came out they took about 4 hours longer than both Symantec and McCaffee to have a new signature file to catch it.
  14. 1. I used to use AVG and Norton back when I was still running Windoze plus AdAware plus Spybot. Had 'em all set up to run overnight.

    2. No idea, I now have a Mac :p However, instinct would tell me "probably not"
  15. AVG Free Edition + Lavasoft Adaware are both good free ones, as well as SpyBot.
  16. AVG is brilliant if used with an occasional scan with an online scanner (as mentioned above). No scanner picks up everything.
  17. October 2007 PC Authority did a test.
    Set up an isolated network, and threw 200 viruses at the computers.

    Kaspersky - 98%
    Avira Personal Edition - 92%
    Avast Home Edition - 70%
    AVG Free Edition - 83%
    Bullguard Internet Security - 86%
    Eset NOD32 - 77%
    F-Secure Internet Security 07 - 93%
    McAfee Virus Scan Plus - 78%
    Microsoft Live OneCare - 66%
    Norton AV 07 - 68%
    Panda - 60%
    Trend Micro PC-cillin - 78%
    Zone Alarm Antivirus - 81%

    I used to use AVG Free, and it gave me the shits because it could often find something but not remove it. I used NOD32 without problems for the last year and a half, but have recently switched to Kaspersky.

    I use Avira on my spare laptop, and have reccommended it to work colleagues with MSN viruses, they advise it has been successful at getting rid of them.

    The test PC Authority did was quite comprehensive. I can scan the article if anyone's desperate.
  18. Dont feel so bad now :LOL:
    Spoke to nixon-chic couple of hrs ago on ph.

    She got this thing day before I did, & by the sounds of it, she has more then this msn virus problem.
  19. I spoke to Nixy earlier too... her whole computer is utterly trashed. I think she will need to format and reinstall :( She can't get online anymore, so she was going to the library to do some online research.

    This is a new virus. Having a read through here: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1411380&SiteID=1 it's clear it's fresh and running the gammut and it's really fresh.

    It seems that an MSN window will open up, from someone you know, with the following in it:
    :roll: Seriously, you NEVER click on any file from ANYONE if you weren't expecting it - not in email and not in any other form.


    That thread suggests this as the way to get rid of the virus:

    More advice from here: http://forums.techguy.org/malware-removal-hijackthis-logs/556829-windows-live-messenger-virus.html

    (Edit - I see the whole MAC thing has been edited out... good call :) )

    Yes it has been... Realm
  20. +1, used them for years, and NEVER had a virus or trojan.....